Monday, August 10, 2015


Hi I'm Jen.. and I'm a FOODIE! Almost every Sunday, some friends and I would go around Tomas Morato and try out new food, flavors, coffee shops and restaurants that we haven't gone to yet. And that's what a foodie is! According to Wikipedia, "a foodie seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger."

But do you know that you can be a foodie without actually dining out? San Miguel Pure Foods believe that you can be passionate for food in your own kitchen and create your own food experience. And this is what Home Foodie is all about. 

Thus, Home Foodie dishes are "masarap, masustansya at kayang-kaya."

I had a pleasure to attend the media launch of the newest cooking program on GMA 7. It's about inspiring home cooks to reinvent favorites and recreate dishes from food discoveries using San Miguel Pure Foods products.

And the good news is, even home foodie newbies can do the recipes as well. :)

And guys, don't worry... Home Foodie is for you too! Because anyone can be a home foodie! Drew Arellano is the host of the show. He is a true blue foodie and I'm pretty sure that he will encourage you guys and inspire you to enjoy food by spending time in the kitchen. 

Home Foodie viewers are expected to learn new twists, tips, and techniques in food preparation with the experts from the San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center led by chefs Llena Tan-Arcenas, Rene Ruz, and RJ Garcia.

We were sampled with a dish prepared by Chef Rene Ruz on how to reinvent yummy dishes using San Miguel products and yet save time in cooking by giving us useful tips.

Learn something new everyday with Chefs Llena Tan-Arcenas, Rene Ruz, and RJ Garcia.

Here are the samples on what dishes they will teach us on Home Foodie. They made our tummies happy with these food! Yum!!!

So, don't forget to catch San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie beginning August 10, Mondays to Fridays, after Unang Hirit on GMA7, and beginning August 15, every Saturday and Sunday, within Balitanghali on GMA News TV.

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