Monday, August 17, 2015


When you hear the word UNIQLO, what comes first in your mind? Comfort and style, right? It has been our go-to store whenever my hubby buy his denim jeans/pants. He said that he loved the quality and it's worth every peso/cents. And it's true. UNIQLO never compromise its quality. They always reinvent, innovate and develop to more comfortable yet stylish, trendy denim jeans. They're always after and focused on every consumers' needs. And I'm glad I had a privilege to attend the launching of UNIQLO's fresh take on denim held at SM Megamall Fashion Hall. There was a little fashion show to get the first dibs on what's in store for us from UNIQLO.

UNIQLO unfolds a new era in denim history as it unveils its four new innovative and reinvented jeans. Jeans will never look and feel the same as the new UNIQLO denim jeans perfectly mix aesthetic quality with advanced clothing technology to give consumers their best pair yet. 

“UNIQLO continues to innovate and develop high-quality products which are focused on our consumers’ everyday needs,” said Katsumi Kubota, UNIQLO’s Chief Operating Officer. “Today, we are excited to showcase our four newest and most advanced denim jeans.”

UNIQLO is offering four new denim jeans: Miracle Air Skinny Fit Jeans, Ultra Stretch Jeans, Smart Shape Jeans, and Stretch Selvedge Slim Fit Jeans which are all available nationwide. 

Comfortable and stretchable
The Ultra Stretch Jeans is a super skinny fit denim jeans with a simple and unobstructed design. It uses an outstanding stretch material with over 50% stretch rate and has oversized rear pockets that create a minimizing effect at the back. The bottom opening of the Ultra Stretch Jeans is also wider, giving enough room for the ankle. 

Beautifies and enhances 
An advanced version of the regular fit straight jeans is the Smart Shape Jeans. It is made with a one-of-a-kind fabric that helps beautify and shape the mid-section for a slim and attractive waistline. Smart Shape Jeans also used special materials for the pockets and zipper that aim to make the belly flat. 

Soft and light
Miracle Air Skinny Fit Jeans is incredibly soft and is about 20% lighter than any regular jeans. UNIQLO uses a special yarn developed by Toray and Kaihara’s advanced technology. Miracle Air Skinny Fit Jeans is very flexible and has a two-way stretch functionality. It also features various hues and a more subtle texture in washed-finish and ultra-slim silhouette. 

Traditional Selvedge 
A man’s jeans, the Stretch Selvedge Slim Fit Jeans is made of high-quality Kaihara denim materials that ensure comfort in tight and slim fit. It also has elaborated details; its button, rivet and stiches match the color of the jeans which will surely go well with any casual or dress top.

UNIQLO also offers other denim styles such as Women’s Denim Slouch Jeans, Men’s Heattech Slim Fit Jeans, and Loose Fit Tapered Jeans that are only available in the following large stores – SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, SM MOA and SM Aura. 

I'm glad that in UNIQLO, they have denim jeans for every type of body shape. Yay to me!!!

Our take on denim fashion, hehe! Glad I brought Sofi along.. did you know that she was my little photographer that day? Yep, she took all those runway pics. Cool, right? (She was able to find a spot in front of all photographers, haha!) Good job, Sofi!

To learn more updates about this exciting news, you may visit UNIQLO Philippines’ social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also check out their website

Here's your chance to upgrade your denim fashion! Upgrade your style with the latest UNIQLO Re-Jean. They are now available in all UNIQLO Stores.

Thank you UNIQLO for having me and Sofi! Congratulations on the launch!

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