Tuesday, November 17, 2015


There are endless possibilities online. That pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing in Zalora, that just-released novel you’ve been wanting to read at Amazon, or even that Bali trip you’ve been itching to book via Philippine Airlines - they can all be yours in just one click. Shopping can be a breeze now that you don’t have to bear the hassle of EDSA traffic or those terrible long lines in the counter just to buy that perfect little black dress. These days, you can purchase anything you ever want or need while sitting on your comfy couch, drinking coffee. Convenient, right?

Not too long ago, this might only have been possible if you have a credit card - which you need in order to purchase online. The dilemma in this is that according to the Consumer Finance Survey conducted by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, 80% of Filipinos do not have a credit card or even a bank account - making them miss out on all of these amazing deals.

“We view PayMaya as the first step in taking Filipinos to the digital world. As online shopping becomes more popular in the Philippines, we want everyone - particularly the unbanked and the uncarded - to benefit from the comfort and convenience it brings,” says Paolo Azzola, co-COO of PayMaya.

With this much possibility at your fingertips, it is almost a duty to take full advantage of the opportunities the digital life has to offer. Not having a credit card hinders Filipinos from doing just that.

No credit card? No problem!
In comes PayMaya, the ultimate all-in-one digital payments mobile app that actually works as a virtual Visa card. With PayMaya, more Filipinos will get the chance to enjoy the perks of shopping at the comfort of their own home - even without a credit card. With this app in hand, there is absolutely no fear of missing out (#NoFOMO) on the coolest finds online.

“I would rather shop from the safety of my own home which is why this app is one of the best things that happened to me.” says fashion blogger, Joanna Ladrido.

Unlike applying for a credit card, there is no need to fill up countless forms in getting your own PayMaya account. You just need to download the PayMaya app from Google Play Store or App Store, fill in your personal information, and activate your own reloadable virtual Visa card. Load up your account, go ahead and shop away! True to its digital nature, PayMaya promises no application forms, no complicated fees - to make you relish that "no fear of missing out" (#NoFOMO) vibe.

Worry-free online shopping? #NowYouCan!
PayMaya strives to provide its users a combination of hassle-free service and safe transactions. With its reloadable functionality, users can easily avoid overspending - a problem that is faced by credit card owners on a daily basis. With PayMaya, you can also keep track of your purchases and even receive a text message after every transaction.

It is powered by Smart eMoney, Inc., a trusted brand in the field of mobile payments and the digital financial innovations unit of PLDT and Smart Communications, Inc. Rest assured that your transactions are safe and well-supported.

#NowYouCan definitely buy that cute top you saw in Zalora, those gorgeous heels you spent months saving up for and that bag that just went on sale at Takatack- totally worry and hassle free!

And when we say that this is the ultimate all-in-one digital payments app, we definitely mean it. Aside from the virtual visa card, you also have the option of getting a physical Visa card which can be used in offline transactions in over 30 million establishments worldwide. It also doubles as a beep card which you can use in the MRT and LRT stations in the metro.

From booking your ticket to Tokyo online and shopping at the stores in Shibuya, down to commuting in Metro Manila after your much-needed vacay, PayMaya is the trusted payment buddy wherever you go.

With PayMaya, there is absolutely #NoFOMO on all the amazing possibilities life has to offer! All you have to do is download the app and all of these are just a click and a swipe away.

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