Thursday, November 19, 2015


When it comes to fashion, although, I am detailed with what I am going to wear especially when it comes to dress and shoes, I don’t  easily go for the brand but more on quality and looks. Same goes with gadgets, I’m not one of those who easily buys the latest, “greatest”, and most expensive smartphone around. But, rather, I tend to lean on affordable yet balanced when it comes to functionality and looks.

This is where Asus ZenFone 2 Laser fits in. With just a price tag of P7,295.00 let’s see if based on my experience with this smartphone if this will indeed be a balance of functionality and looks.

To start with, ASUS is not an unfamiliar territory for me. I have an ASUS X401A laptop that has been with me for more than 2 years (and counting), so I know that getting a phone with the same brand won’'t disappoint.

Okay, so now I have the phone (it’s a red version by the way, which I super duper love!), let me share with you my experience..

From the box, the first thing you’ll notice is that its color matches the phone. You don’t have to open the box or look at the label to see what color of the phone is inside. You can do that by just looking at the box. Also, just by looking at the side of the box, you will know the specs of the phone such as 4G/LTE, HD (screen), Bluetooth 4.0, etc.

Inside the box, there’s the Phone, Micro USB cable with detachable Charger, Headphones with spare earbuds, and Manuals.

From the inside, you get a dual sim slot (Micro Sim + dual standby) with expandable memory via microSD up to 128 GB and a 2,070 mAh removable battery that is rare nowadays even if these are essential to moderate to heavy usage.

ZenFone 2 Laser has a 5-inch HD screen, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, and weight of only 140g. Plus, you get Android Lollipop 5.0 out of the box. Available colors are Black/White/Red/Purple/Aqua blue/Gold/Silver.

ZenFone 2 Laser is not only thin but also has the nicest grip, thanks to its curved back which sits comfortably in your hand while your texting, calling, or even playing games. It has retained its trademark design as well with the concentric circle design and the rear key at the back which provides the most intuitive way to use your smartphone. It should be noted that there is a super tough front glass with the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 4 which is higher than that of LG G4 and the same with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which is way more expensive.

Aside from the given features, there will always be one selling point for any smartphone. I believe the name “Laser” is given due to its 0.3 second Laser Auto Focus. ZenFone 2 Laser’s rear camera has laser autofocus technology that makes undeniably clear pictures. Just my clicking on the Camera icon, you’ll discover that there are a lot of features, for a rear camera with 8MP and 5MP in the front, such as “Super resolution”, “HDR”, and “Auto” mode. There’s also “Depth of field”, “Low light”, and “Night mode”. Same is true with Video mode where you can record up to Full HD (1920 x 1080).

I'm happy that I can watch series in my Zenfone 2 Laser. It's glossy, no glitch, and perfect companion while stuck in traffic. Lol!

Here are some random shots that I took using the Auto mode feature. Mind you, these are all taken without using any filter. And don't forget that this is only 8MP rear camera and yet the quality is super nice. :)

Connectivity for me is where it gets the deal done. No issue with Music, Wifi, Bluetooth, and PC connectivity. In fact, it exceeded my expectations that for a mid-range phone with High-end specs, you get the same or even better experience compared with iPhone 6 plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (modesty aside, my hubby has both. So we were able to compare the 3 units).

So, what's my verdict? Dundundundun!!

Well, based on my experience with Asus ZenFone 2 Laser, I must say that I was impressed that a smartphone at this price level can be at par with the likes of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and iPhone 6 plus and can even be better than LG G4 in some areas.

Should I recommend it? Definitely, YES!! I highly recommend the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser! Just because the price is super affordable at P7,295.00 than other "high-end" brand of smartphones it doesn't mean the quality and specs are compromised. Go and buy one if you are budget-conscious but wanted to have a smartphone with beautiful pictures and high-end specs. So you can #SeeWhatOthersCantSee.

*Disclaimer: This Zenfone 2 Laser was sent to me for review and experience. All thoughts, pictures, details here are all original.

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