Saturday, December 19, 2015

Gift Ideas: Beyond the Box and Digital Walker Christmas Wish List

A few days left before Christmas, are you still clueless about what to give your millennial fitness buff nephew, your tech-savvy boyfriend, or your music-fanatic cousin this Christmas? Don't worry, I feel you! Digital Walker and Beyond the Box feels our desperation, haha! That's why they came up with the Christmas gift ideas to give to our loved ones. The options are infinite and it is only typical we want to impress our favorite people with the coolest presents! 

This holiday season, Beyond the Box and Digital Walker, the premium gadget and tech accessories retailers in the metro, have got you covered for top-notch and out-of-the-box gift ideas that are designed to unleash creativity and tailored to complement the modern digital lifestyle. 

Fitbit Charge HR Php 6,999 – This powerful portable device is sure to keep you in tip-top shape by letting you know things like how your heart is doing and by monitoring the calories you burn. Just don’t expect it to let you know if your heart’s finally beating for the right one. 
 Fitbit Surge Php 12,899 - Put it on and feel the surge — to cut back on the calories! With heart rate monitoring, GPS, call and text notification features, and music controls, the Fitbit Surge will do all these things AND keep you from overeating this holiday season. 

Fuse Chicken Titan Php 1,950 - Keep your holidays tangle-free. This steel-clad Lightning to USB cable won’t fray or break even if Santa accidentally trips over it on his way to the Christmas tree. Sorry Santa.

I am Cardboard (Price available upon request) - Who ever said that travelling to alternate universes can only be done through magic portals? All you need is your Smartphone and a Cardboard and you’re in for a wild virtual reality ride!

Jaybird bluebirds X Php 8,950 - Jog your way to winter wonderland while grooving to timeless yuletide tunes! The Jaybird bluebirds X delivers high-audio performance in a sporty sweat-proof package and can play catchy tunes for as long as 8 hours.
 Marshall Kilburn Php 16,950 - Just imagine how lovely this retro-licious speaker will look underneath the Christmas tree and how good your music will sound during all of your Christmas parties! Take these gorgeous portable speakers to whichever Christmas event you please and be the life of every get-together. 
 Marshall Stockwell (Price available upon request) - If you’re always out and about, take this tenacious travel speaker with you. It comes with manual controls and can play for 25 hours straight. Plus vintage never really gets old. 

Coloud Hoop Php 1,495 - These brightly colored headphones are for hip urban adventurers and people who just can’t keep still. Don’t worry, they won't fall off. Just don’t let Rudolph nibble them all away.

Urbanears Sumpan Php 1,650 – These earphones are so vividly colorful and cool, you won’t even need to gift-wrap them. With a wash-and-wear design and behind-the-neck hook function, the Urbanears Sumpan are light as a feather so you can go go go while you ho-ho-ho!

Braven Balance Php 5,850 - Whether it’s a dip in the pool or a trip to the arctic, no environment is too harsh for the Braven Balance! Take these waterproof speakers with you anytime and anywhere during your holiday trips. 
 Beyond the Box and Digital Walker make creative Christmas shopping come easy with its top ten gift recommendations for one and all this holiday season. 

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Happy Holidays!

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