by - Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The much-awaited announcement, hehe! Thank you all for your patience and for joining the Domex giveaway. It was overwhelming and we love all your answers. We all want to protect our family from disease causing germs. Who doesn't want a clean toilet, right? Thanks to Domex, we can keep our toilet and our home germ-free!

As much as we want everyone to be winners, we can only choose 10. And after gathering all your entries plus extra points, *insert drum roll* here are the 10 winners in random order:

1. @lynnromerovillanueva
2. @gloriafe 
3. @rcmontierro
4. @amorbereso
5. @leezah828
6. @vicenta1979
7. @angelgrenzy
8. @lovesweetkitty
9. @annaayao
10. @mariaceciliaazucena

Congratulations to all 10 winners! :) Please comment below your full name, email add and your username so I can email you the pick-up address.

To all who joined, thank you so much! Did not win? Fret not, because I'll be hosting a big giveaway soon to celebrate my 5th year anniversary. Stay tuned!

Thank you Domex Philippines and Unilever for sponsoring this giveaway! :)

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