Saturday, January 30, 2016


I remember my school days when I had to lined up in computer shops to get my projects printed. If I'll summed up all the expenses in printing school works, baka nakabili pa ako ng printer. Lol. But seriously, we also experienced having our desktop being affected by viruses because of USB sharing while using it in public computer shops. All our files and pictures (huhuhu) in our desktop were deleted because of that. Since then, I never used USB's in computer shops. I have to ask a friend to do the printing for me. 

But now that I am a mother to a school girl, we want to give Sofi the best by providing everything she needs to help her in school projects. Sofi had a one time project where she needs to print a picture of an animal. And because we don't have a printer that time, she had no choice but to draw the animal. So, imagine our giddiness when this HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3635 arrived in our house. We're happy and excited to use it. How convenient it will be for us to print Sofi's projects anytime, anyday. I can even print my own calling card soon. Yay!

HP has been around for years and already proved their durability, less expensive compared to other printers brand and yet can deliver high standards when it comes to outcome. HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3635 is one of the newest models from HP and I can't believe that it can deliver quality printing up to 480 pages without spending a lot of money. Talk about big savings!

What makes HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3635 the must-have printer in our home? 
1. Printer is very light to carry and you can bring it anywhere. 
2. Since it uses low-cost cartridges, you can save a lot of money in buying ink. 
3. It has a quiet mode on that you can print peacefully
 4. In just a click, you can scan, print, copy, connect.
5. It can be use as a copier too. If you need to photocopy a document, it can reproduced in just one click

One of the most important reasons to get this model from HP is that it can print from your tablet and smartphones. Oh yes, it can! If you need to print out your email, documents, etc. by connecting to wireless connection, printing can be done at the comfort of our home or in some cases, office. No need for USB and computer sharing. Printing is now easy with just a click from our fingertips. All you need to do is download the app and follow the instructions. And with the low cost price ink cartridges, I'm also excited to print our pictures using this. 

Control panel buttons can be easily managed:
Control Panel Display - indicates number of copies
Wireless - turns on or off the printer wireless capabilities
WIFI - shows if you are connected to WIFI Direct
Copy Color - produces in color
Power - turns the printer on or off
Ink Alert - indicates low ink or ink cartridge problems
Resume - continue the job after having problem
Information - shows warning or error
HP ePrint - turns HP ePrint on or off
Copy Black - produces copy in black and white

Unboxing this has been easy since it came with the manual that can be followed step by step.

Some of you may think that ink is expensive. But with the promise of 480 pages in quality printing, in the long run, HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3635 is an excellent investment.

With HP printer, you don't need to run to get the job done for your child's project. Invest in high quality printer yet affordable like HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3635 and be amazed how it can work wonders with the all-in-one printer features.

Thank you HP for this! Can't wait to print away!

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