Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Brazilian shoe brand Ipanema collaborates with world-renowned creator Philippe Starck for its newest collection set to be launched in the Philippines by March 2016.

The Ipanema with STARCK collection will feature four distinct designs, offered in a myriad of colors. These dynamic sandals are inspired by various possible life styles and moods to recognize all dimensions of the modern woman, such as arty, glamour, nature and sophisticated chic. 

“It is a privilege to work with a renowned designer Philippe Starck in our newest Ipanema collection,” says Cecille Loretizo, Marketing Manager of ELRO Retail Corp. “His passion, creativity and commitment to the environment give us a certain pride that he will create timeless and accessible elegant designs ideal for our wearers.”

The creative genius behind Ipanema’s newest collection is critically-acclaimed creator, inventor, designer, architect, and artistic director Philippe Starck. He is a French designer known for his works spanning from lifestyle products such as furniture and windmills, to revolutionary mega-yachts and inspiring hotels and restaurants.
 Starck began his creative journey when he studied at the Ecole Nissim de Camondo in Paris. This institution helped him find his interest in living spaces. In 1969, he designed an inflatable house which led him to his first success. His artistic prowess caught the attention of Pierre Cardin where he was offered a job as an artistic director in his publishing house.

His global fame began in 1983 when he was commissioned to decorate the private residences in the Elysee Palace for French President Francois Mitterand. He continued to gain international recognition for his architectural designs in Japan including the anthropomorphic building NaniNani, Asahi Beer Hall, and the ensemble offices Baron Vert. He went on to devise iconic restaurants and hotels in in Mexico, Madrid, London, New York and Paris, among others. Starck also showcased his creativity as he worked for several brands of clothes, shoes, underwear, watches.

As a designer, Philippe Starck defines his duty as subversive, ethical, ecological, political, and fun. For Starck, his creations should be for the improvement of people’s lives.

Starck’s designs focus more on functionality than the object itself, aiming to provide the best possible service using a minimum of material. His works also mirrors his vision to create awareness about the environment. He declines the idea of creating a product for the sake of beauty or symbol of wealth, instead hedevelops durable creations in a responsible, ethical manner that is useful, fulfil their essential function and exist far from any notion of perishable fashion.

“The Ipanema with STARCK collection explores the territory of high elegance paired with the utmost minimalism. When you reach elegance with a few dollars or euros, this is no longer magic; it is a modern miracle”. Philippe Starck

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