Sunday, May 1, 2016


With the digital age, I noticed that all my pics are stored either in my mobile phone, ipad or laptop. Some are stored in an online storage and some even paid for a storage app. My Mom would always ask me to give her an actual pic of my family (given my Mom's age, she can't fully embraced the digital technology) or Sofi so she can show it to her amigas and friends. That's where I realized I don't have any, haha! Almost all my memories (picture-wise) are stored and trusted in the digital world.

Thank God, Fujifilm Instax is here! In just a matter of minutes, you'll have an actual pic that you can show around and carry it everywhere!

Not only you can carry it everywhere, you can customized it to your liking and taste. You can diy all your instax pics to make it more personal.

Fujifilm launches the most exciting way you can preserve life's best moments through Fujfilm Instax and Crafts, the biggest DIY event held at Market! Market! We spent an afternoon learning more about arts and crafts, how to be creative in keeping and showcasing our photos through diy greeting cards and paper die-cut mobile.

Yes, kids can be creative too! Brought Sofi to the event and she was very much excited to release all her creative juices. 

During the Instax and Crafts event at Market! Market!, they also launched the new exciting colors of the Instax Hello Kitty camera. Red and White are now available and so is the new Hello Kitty film.

To make this summer even more fun-filled, Instax introduces their summer packages. Instax lovers can now avail of their favorite Instax products with Fujifilm Keep The Summer Fun Alive with Instax and enjoy great savings when you buy any of the trendy and reliable Instax models like Instax Mini 7s, Mini 8, Hello Kitty Mini 8, Mini 70, Instax Wide 300 and nstax share printer.

And my summer got even better when I won this Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s! Woohoo!!!!! Can't wait to play and enjoy taking pics with this! YAAAAASSSS!!!!

It is our first time to own an Instax, and Sofi's been wishing for this. Thank you Fujifilm!!!

With Fujifilm's 8--year history and expertise in photographic film manufacturing, making great memories, printing Instax moments and transforming them into works of art becomes even more pleasurable.

Thank you so much Fujifilm Instax for having me and Sofi. And congratulations on the successful launch!

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