Thursday, May 26, 2016


Let the exciting taste of caramel and crunchy biscuits inspire you to go full on in life! Introducing a new chocolate experience for the Philippines, Cadbury 5Star

Mondelez Philippines proudly welcomes its newest chocolate brand, Cadbury 5Star. It brings together the 200-year legacy of chocolate making of the Cadbury brand and a new and exciting taste experience for young consumers. Cadbury 5Star joins Mondelez Philippines’ other chocolate brands Toblerone and Cadbury Dairy Milk in creating delicious moments of joy for consumers. 

Mondelez Philippines has been a strong player in chocolate snacks. Cadbury 5Star represents the Company’s entry into new product and consumer segments. Country Head Ashish Pisharodi elaborates on Cadbury 5Star and how it aims to reinforce even further the Company’s strong position in the category. “We are part of a global snacks company. Locally, our presence in the chocolate category has allowed us to see consumer white spaces or new areas for growth. Cadbury 5Star is our first entry in the filled chocolates segment and is our first chocolate product especially for the younger Millennial consumer group. Those aged 18-20, college level or on their first jobs, and have their own set of ideals and motivations.” Filled chocolates as the name suggests are products with center filling like caramel and biscuits that are covered in chocolate.  

The Company believes that Cadbury 5Star’s unique experience of chewy caramel combined with the crunch of biscuits and covered in delicious chocolate is just the kind of taste that younger Millennials are looking for. It is edgy, daring and unique, even its packaging is cheeky! Inside every bar are challenges for consumers – aptly called #youthinkyoucan challenges, daring them to do fun antics like “Dancing the Moonwalk.” Aimed at inspiring a #youthinkyoucan movement, consumers are invited to share on social media as they take on these challenges.  Indeed, Cadbury 5Star is a chocolate for those who are typically digital native consumers. 

Pisharodi adds, “We want to be adored by our consumers. As such we are widening our portfolio of chocolate snacks, giving Filipinos more of what they want. With Cadbury 5Star we are going “full on” or going all out in the category, fulfilling their need for a fun and unique chocolate experience.”  

Cadbury 5Star is available at all leading groceries and convenience stores in 45g and 15g packs, with respective SRPs of P34.00 and P10.00. Go full on with Cadbury 5Star and you will feel #youthinkyoucan. 

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And oh, don't forget to try one of the challenges on Cadbury 5Star packs and take a picture of yourself! Share the picture online and with 5Star so you can go full on with the Cadbury 5Star experience!

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