Tuesday, August 9, 2016


When it comes to food consumption, there's always good news and bad news. The good news is that there is food for everyone. But the bad news is 1.3 billion tonnes of food get wasted every year throughout the world. 

To address this need, GLAD, the Filipino homemakers’ partner in food protection and kitchen management, has taken on a mission to help reduce food wastage by educating consumers on proper food protection. One of the main components of the program is educating students on how to protect food properly to ensure that they remain fresh longer. The youth, after all, could very well be the next generation of moms, chefs, food handlers or restaurant owners in the country.

As part of the campaign, GLAD partnered with Jolly University, an educational program that aims to encourage more students to learn essential food & beverage industry skills, create career milestones, and share inspiring values with others. This year, the two organizations have joined hands in an effort to educate more people on the pressing need to lessen food wastage.

Students from different colleges and universities in Metro Manila were selected to be part of the Jolly University boot camp where they went through a series of lectures on culinary, leadership, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and personality development. Part of the series is a seminar where they learned fresh insights on how to properly store food using GLAD products. .

"Our mission at GLAD is to reduce food waste by partnering with consumers on why, when, and how to protect food," explained Paulo Lao, Sales and Marketing Director for GLAD Philippines, at the start of the forum. 

According to Mr. Lao, a Filipino wastes about two tablespoons or one-fourth cup of rice on average. “That amounts to 3.3 kilos per year, which is enough to feed 4.2 million people for a day. The key to keeping food fresh for a longer period and reducing food wastage is to use high-quality food-grade products and the right food protection practices. This is what GLAD’s mission is all about."

In reinforcing their advocacy, GLAD also invited Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) registered nutritionist and dietician Josefina Gonzales to share practical tips on managing food during the forum. 

Ms. Gonzales discussed dry and cold storage techniques, and said that dry food should be kept in tightly closed containers as well as in a dry, well-ventilated area. The right temperature can help prevent food from spoiling faster.  She also stressed importance of using food protection products that are food safe. 

In the same way that proper techniques are important in food storage, the proper tools are also necessary. GLAD food protection products are useful in keeping food safe and fresh longer. This includes the GLAD ClingWrap, Press 'N Seal, Storage Zipper Bag, Freezer Zipper Bag, and Gladware containers. 

The ClingWrap is 100% made of clear polyethylene and is BPA-free. What it does is it wraps fresh food tightly, keeping the air out and freshness in. 

Press 'N Seal, on the other hand, uses Griptex, a proprietary gripping technology that allows the product to seal to plastic, paper, Styrofoam containers, metal, wood and many other surfaces. Consumers can use it as a lid for any container because it is spill-proof. 

The Storage Zipper Bag has a wide double-lock seal that closes securely to help preserve freshness. But, it’s still easy to open and close. Its yellow and blue zipper turns green to indicate that the bag is sealed tight.

The Freezer Bag is a thick plastic to prevent freezer burn with a write-on strip for labeling that remains visible despite the frost.

Gladware containers are ideal for storing leftovers or dishes in the fridge, for school kids’ baon, or for transporting picnic food like sandwiches. They have lids that seal tightly to keep food fresh and prevent leaks. Food wrapped or stored in Glad food protection products stays fresh longer for up to seven days.

Other than practical insights, the student-participants also got the chance to receive freebies from GLAD. Students who competed in the Cook-Off Challenge also used GLAD products in preparing their winning dishes. 

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