Friday, November 4, 2016


In keeping with the times, the things that Filipino families enjoy and delight in have constantly evolved  – from simple group kite flying, to grandma’s stories of legends and folklore at night, to strolling in the mall, to family karaoke, and to the more contemporary groufies and #FamBam picture taking on their smart phones. Through all that, one thing remains constant, there is still that distinctly Filipino timpla in all these family bonding activities – just like how the Eight O’clock powdered juice drink remains Pinoy na Pinoy.

“Filipino families have enjoyed the delicious taste of Eight O’Clock for more than 20 years. We take pride that no matter how much time changes the bonding activities of Filipino families, Eight O’Clock continues to provide that truly Timplang Pinoy that generations and generations of Filipino families have come to love,” Teejae Sonza, marketing manager for Stills and New Categories of Coca-Cola Philippines.

Eight O’Clock is a delicious homegrown brand that captures the tasty and unique blend of sweet and sour orange flavor perfect for every Pinoy family to enjoy. It has immuno-active agents to help boost the family’s immune system, and each mix can make up to six glasses per pack.

Now available in supermarkets nationwide, Eight O’ Clock makes its way back to the heart of each home as the Filipino mix for the Filipino family.

To get the latest on #TimplangPinoy, follow the official facebook page of Eight O’Clock.

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