Thursday, November 24, 2016


Christmas season in the Philippines starts as early as the ‘ber’ months kick in. Getting busy with Christmas decorations, planning family gatherings, and completing gift list all contribute in spreading the Christmas vibes.

Luckily, Samsung joins in bringing the holiday cheer by providing exciting deals to splurge on for Filipino families when they buy a Samsung Curved TV from November 16 to December 4. Surprise the family with a free TV and ensure that they are entertained during the holiday vacation with a free 1-year iflix subscription. Enjoy these offers by choosing from the following TV deals:
● Free 40-inch UHD TV if you buy a 65-inch Samsung Curved TV
● Free 32-inch Smart TV if you buy a 55-inch Samsung Curved TV
● Free 32-inch HD TV if you buy a 49-inch Samsung Curved TV
● Free 24-inch HD TV if you buy a 40-inch Samsung Curved TV

More than these holiday treats, the best gift for the family will be the instant home entertainment upgrade. The Samsung Curved TV delivers a sense of depth that draws viewers deeper into the show they are watching, giving them a much more immersive feel. Its curved display allows you to see more on screen and provides a wrap-around effect, making any seat the best seat in the house. Every screen size has ergonomically designed curvature that follows the natural curve of the eye, helping reduce eye strain, perfect for endless hours of TV viewing. Moreover, it features an elegant 360-degree design, which makes it a stunning centerpiece in any room.

These upgrades made millions to shift to Samsung Curved TVs since its launch in 2014. Finalize your gift list for the family by heading on to the nearest participating authorized Samsung outlet to bring home the new star of your entertainment room.

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