Friday, January 6, 2017


And so, it's 2017 already and it is only now that I will make my year-end post, hehe. I forgot if I made one last year, but with so many good things that happened to me and my family last 2016, I wanna share them to all of you. 

I'm not sure if I posted my pregnancy here on the blog. I think I only made the announcement in my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Fanpage. I know I neglected this blog for the first few months of 2016. You see, I've been married for 10 years with one daughter and if you'll ask me I'm ok with just one. That's it! But with my husband and Sofi, it's another story. They still want another boy or girl, and so they prayed. I remember exactly last January 2016 I said if God desire us to have another one it will happen. And lo and behold, I got pregnant that month. Haha! Gave birth to a healthy baby girl last October 4, 2016. Will share my birthing story soon!

Anyway, I had a terrible first trimester of pregnancy. Thus neglecting this blog, my social media platforms and not attending events. I was nauseated almost the whole day and can't get up. Good thing it only lasted for three months. And soon after I started to blog again and attend to some events. I want to say thank you to all Brands and PR's who still invite me to their events even if I sometimes turnthem down. Thank you for still including me in your roster of bloggers. Thank you also for all the campaigns I had last year. Thank you for the trust. More on 2017, please. :)))

Here are some of the highlights of my 2016.

Say hello to my baby girl, Isha!

Whew! What a year!!! And kulang pa ito hehe! To my family, friends and blogger friends, thank you for the love. Thank you for making my 2016 a memorable year.

To all the readers of ShopgirlJen, from the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you for the support. I superduper appreciate every visit you make. Keep 'em coming! May God bless each one of you.

Expect great things from this blog again. I may not be attending all the events out there due to my commitment to breastfeed my three-month daughter (direct latching), rest assured this blog will still be alive and kicking this year. Heh! I'll be blogging more of my personal experiences, my product recommendations, family foodtrip and so forth. But of course I'll still be attending invites from time to time and will accept campaigns (Dear Brands and PR's, hello! I'm still alive, hehe!).

It may not be a good 2016 to some. I read a lot of people cursing 2016. I hope and pray that the bad things that happened last year may not happen again. And I hope all the challenges and trials we faced last year will make us stronger this year. I don't know about you but I'm excited for 2017 because there's always hope. God will do great and mighty things when we put our trust and faith in Him. The best is yet to come!

Let's have an awesome 2017! Cheers!!!

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