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A trusted name for the face, body, and hands. This blue tin snow-white NIVEA Creme really does wonder to the skin.

For over 100 years, NIVEA Creme has been the all-rounder in people’s lives. People around the world have trusted the Creme to care for their face, body, and hands. However, many use this protective care wonder not just to care for their skin. 

One creme, 15 different uses – a whole new definition of care. Here are some tips and tricks on how NIVEA Creme can make your life a little easier:

 Aftershave care – Your skin feels itchy and dry after you’ve shaved? Try a little bit of NIVEA Creme. NIVEA Creme with panthenol can have a soothing and calming effect on irritated skin.

Belly time! – Many still remember NIVEA Creme from their childhood. However, care with NIVEA Creme starts even before birth! Many pregnant women use it to care for their growing belly. NIVEA Creme keeps the skin hydrated, soft, and supple, making it more resilient to the stretching force on the skin.

Bye-bye dry elbows and knees! – No one likes dry, scratchy hands or elbows! But these parts are prone to dryness. Miracle worker NIVEA Creme has what you need: simply apply to your elbows or hands, rub in, and you will have supple and soft skin.

Calming light rashes – Thanks to the addition of panthenol, NIVEA Creme can have a soothing and calming effect on minor rashes.

An extra dose of moisture – When the skin feels dry and needs extra care, NIVEA Creme is a perfect moisturizing face mask. The rich formula and creamy texture make it an ideal little beauty helper. Apply a thin coat of Creme onto your entire face, hands, or feet and wait until it has been absorbed. Your skin will feel supple and soft and have a healthy glow.

Goodbye makeup – Teens have long known of one special feature: NIVEA Creme is a great makeup remover. Even heavy eye makeup doesn’t stand a chance. NIVEA Creme not only removes makeup gently, but it also cares for your skin at the same time. Just put a little smudge on a cotton pad and wipe your face.

 Get ready for home manicures! – We use our hands every day – and they tell the story of what we’ve done. To keep them smooth and soft, they need just as much if not more care than any other part of your body. A little smudge of NIVEA Creme can help by making your hands look beautiful and groomed: use it as a hand cream for extra-dry hands. Put on an extra-thick layer and some cotton gloves before you go to bed to soften calluses on your hands. Beautifully soft and supple hands await you in the morning.

Loving care for the little ones – Children’s skin needs special care. They have sensitive skin and it needs to be protected. NIVEA Creme is perfectly suitable for skin of children over the age of three. The mild formula with no artificial dyes is ideal for young skin, providing loving care and protection.

Massage cream – Sometimes there’s nothing like a massage to alleviate the stresses of the day and tense muscles. The effect of a massage starts as soon as your skin is touched. Use a skin-care product – like NIVEA Creme – with a thicker consistency and you will love the intense sensation of the Creme being rubbed in.

New heels? No problem! – Breaking in new heels or other shoes can be painful. But not with a little smudge of NIVEA Creme. The Creme is rich and creates a film protecting the heel when it rubs against stiff material on a new shoe to help prevent blisters.

Protective care – Heated rooms, strong winds, and cold days – in winter our skin faces a lot and needs more protection and care than usual. NIVEA Creme has been the expert in protecting the skin from external influences and caring for skin since its invention. Thanks to its water-in-oil formula, NIVEA Creme can prevent skin irritations and help keep skin supple and soft.

Red nose – Having a cold is bad enough! But showing up to work after you’ve recovered with a raw red nose is worse. NIVEA Creme can help. Regularly apply a little bit of the Creme to your cold-stricken nose. It is soothing and protects irritated skin, reducing redness.

Rosy cheeks – As the day passes most blush fades and your cheeks lose color. To keep fresh and rosy cheeks all day long, use a bit of NIVEA Creme as a base when applying blush and it will last all day.

Soft and supple heels – Summer is the time to show off your feet. However, winter often takes its toll, leaving your soles dry and scaly. Use NIVEA Creme to soften and soothe your feet, leaving them supple and soft.

My family's super happy with the additional stash of our favorite skin care. Thank you, Nivea! 

Unique, distinctive, and incomparable – the scent of NIVEA Creme. People around the globe have loved it for generations. The scent evokes memories of childhood and gives a feeling of protection, care and trust.

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