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We, Filipinos, love food. From exploring new culinary spots to enjoying a good home-cooked dish, we have a reputation of knowing how to appreciate a good meal.  

But how can you exactly pursue a healthy eating lifestyle in a culture where fast food are so accessible and ordering—instead of cooking—is so much easier? The answer: Get the right kitchen partners that are designed to be convenient on top of being health-friendly. 

Upgrade your kitchen to fit your lifestyle

“Ready-to-eat meal options are friendlier to those who have hectic schedules. Often, homemakers prefer just paying because they feel stressed over the process of buying groceries, preparing their food, and cooking them,” says Cris Llamo, VP & General Manager, IAJ Wellness Corporation distributor of Breville products in the Philippines.

The thing is, home cooking potentially plays an important role in the idea of pursuing a healthy lifestyle. In fact, a study suggests that people who cook their meals eat healthier because they have more control on specifics like the calories they consume. 

“The hurdle lies in the way people perceive cooking. They see it as a laborious task, especially since most homemakers lead hectic lifestyles now,” says Cris Llamo.
How the right kitchen partners can help change the way you eat

The right kitchen partners play a big role in the quality of the food we prepare. One way of reversing the general perception about home-cooking is to make it an experience, rather than a task.

Breville, an Australian premier brand of kitchen products engineered in Australia and exclusively distributed in the Philippines by IAJ Wellness Corporation, believes in the concept by offering smartly-designed kitchen products equipped with the latest technology to help users create healthy food.

What makes the line different is that its kitchen partners are designed to complement the different lifestyles of individuals. It merges the top concerns of anyone who wants to eat healthy by incorporating into their products features that match users’ food preparation behavior, type of lifestyle, and in general, health and wellness trends.

“We call it the Breville-lize your lifestyle campaign. It’s an approach where we help people change their lifestyle from the inside out. So our kitchen partners not only help make food and beverages taste better, they also make them more nutritious as well. On top of that, we turn the process of cooking much more pleasant,” says Cris Llamo.

Breville offers extensive kitchen solutions. There is the Juice & Blend, a line of juicers that offer both domestic and commercial functionality; the Coffee and Kettle line which encourages coffee and tea lovers to create their own (and therefore fresher and healthier brew); the Food Preparation collection which makes achieving well-prepared meals easier with its technology; and Hot Kitchen, a collection of kitchen items perfect for busy homemakers with its heat technology that makes cooking much more faster.

Llamo Cris closes, “Changing the way we eat is not just about altering our diet. It actually involves a process, starting from how we prepare it to when we finally cook our food. You won’t be inspired to eat well if you’re already dreading the food preparation process. Getting the right kitchen partners designed to fit your needs and lifestyle requirements is a good start.”

Breville® is exclusively distributed by IAJ Wellness Corporation and available in all leading appliance and specialty stores nationwide. To know more about Breville products, visit  or

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