Sunday, August 20, 2017


In such a short time, Lalamove has already earned raves from clients who have discovered the speed, ease and functionality of its services. 

With its revolutionary digital platform and impeccable service, many Filipinos are simply discovering the wonders of Lalamove.

One client who has come to use and depend on Lalamove is Joshua Aragon, CEO of, an online store which delivers groceries straight to the doorstep of customers.

What started as a business focused on delivering mainly to Quezon City residents has now expanded to other areas, thanks to Lalamove’s various logistics.

According to Aragon, with the help of Lalamove’s bigger fleet of riders, they have come to address bigger demands from their customers. Lalamove has also been a helpful partner in making sure they are able to handle orders seamlessly. From the minute they receive an order to the time they pack the groceries and deliver them, Lalamove has been their go to last mile logistics partner.

For his part, Carl Jude Boo, Owner of Six Pack Chef says Lalamove has helped put his mind at ease from the nitty gritty of their daily operations. Six Pack Chef is known as the Ultimate Diet Delivery Service in Metro Manila. Boo is pleased that Lalamove is available 24/7 and has given them the option for multiple drop-offs.  He explains that he now doesn’t have to worry when his riders fail to show up at any given day. The account manager designated by Lalamove to handle Boo’s business has taken a lot off his plate. Boo says that because of Lalamove, expanding his business may soon be a reality.

Toby Tangsoc, owner of Sunnywood, a business owner involved in rice trading, says he appreciates Lalamove’s services because it has helped with their small and rush deliveries. He also likes it that they are able to request for drivers who already know the intricacies of their business. He says they need trusted drivers who don’t just deliver their products but who can effectively transact with supermarkets officers.

Customers are just as amazed at Lalamove’s speed and quality of service. What impresses them the most is how their parcels and packages are picked up and delivered in a flash after just a few taps on their mobile or PCs.

People who tried the App for the first time expressed their amazement with Lalamove’s speed and efficiency.  “First time to try Lalamove and I was impressed”, exclaimed first time customer Freda Dador-Agustin. It was super fast!  In less than an hour my documents have been picked up and delivered.  I also like how Lalamove drivers keep me updated on my documents. Good job, Lalamove”.

Lalamove’s App is accessible 24 hours a day.  Customers can also customize their transactions based on their needs. They are also open to advance and last minute bookings so it allows customers the freedom to do transactions anytime and anywhere within Metro Manila and some of its outskirts. What’s more, they can even request for a driver whom they already trust and feel comfortable with.

Meanwhile, Lalamove’s trustworthy and responsive staff was also praised by Justin Arnold Lu.  He said “Lalamove has good customer service. They are very responsive and they constantly keep track of their clients’ orders and needs. Their riders are also very dependable.  I would highly recommend them for businesses that require time-sensitive and cash-on-deliveries.”

“It’s my second time to use Lalamove’s delivery services and I must say I am happy that we now have an option that could beat local courier services in Metro Manila”, said another customer- Alana Lillium.

With the way it has captivated the Filipino market with the speed and reliability by which they move, Lalamove is, indeed, living up to its name as the leading intracity delivery platform in Asia.

For more information, please visit and/or download the app on app store or google play.

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