Monday, September 25, 2017


Aside from our usual order of fries, burger and chicken at McDonald's, our favorite part is collecting their Happy Meal. Sofi and I love collecting happy meal toys especially if it's our favorite characters. It is always a delight collecting happy meal boxes with our favorite food. But now, aside from happy meal boxes, we now have more reasons to love McDonald's as they made happy meal play time better with the launch of McDonald's Happy Studio App. This can be downloaded for free at Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Now that we are living in a digital age, McDonald's also joins the bandwagon and created an app that I'm sure our kids will love to play.

Happy Studio App is an educational game and at the same time will entertain our kids with interactive play.

Let me share with you our experience with this app. As I have said, the Happy Studio App is a free app and can be downloaded with Apple or Play Store. We downloaded the app in our iPad and selected Philippines as our country.

The Happy Studio App offers fun activities and features three educational and interactive play to try.

Be a Musician
Kids can explore 3 different instruments and can learn rhythm and timing.

Be an Artist
Kids can exercise their imaginations and explore their creative minds. What I love about this activity is kids can draw, trace, color and play with the happy meal box.

Be an Inventor
In this activity, kids are encourage to build a flying rocket, create a maze and customize a race car.

Aside from these three, the Happy Studio App offers various activites such as:

Who am I? - It's like playing charades. You can play this as a family.
Crazy Science Goop - Here's your chance to make goops with your kids. You can also encourage your kids to use their touch and feel senses.
Guess the song - Let your kids name that tune. Make sure you pick a familiar song.

One of my favorite activity in this app is dressing up this happy meal box. Heh. You can choose its wardrobe depending on the reward items you get from the educational activity.

Start bonding with your kids and download the Happy Studio App now available at Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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