Saturday, October 28, 2017


Surprise! The secret is out! Our favorite langhap-sarap goodness, Jollibee, will be launching two exciting products starting this Monday, Ocotber 30 in all branches. Taste the joy of strawberry treats with every sip and bite of Jollibee Strawberry Tea Float and Strawberry Fries!

Jollibee has been teasing us these past few days with their #BerryBrave hashtags. So Isha and I braved the friday traffic madness to go to Jollibee, Macapagal branch for the unveiling of these exciting new products.

To be honest, when I saw the hashtag I really did not have a clue kung ano yung bagong products. I didn't know na it's going to be two. I was guessing na strawberry float or strawberry pie na parang peach mango pie (all-time fave, btw). So I was really surprised (I guess pati mga guests yesterday nasurprise din) na it's a strawberry flavored fries!

The Strawberry Tea Float is not that sweet as expected which is good. The strawberry tea base is the perfect combination of sweet and tangy, and plays up the creaminess of the vanilla soft-serve on top.

On the other hand, the Strawberry Fries was a surprise for me! Napa-huwaaattt??? talaga ako, hahaha! I really did not expect that it is possible to have a strawberry-flavored fries. So unexpected! At first taste medyo feeling ko ang tamis nya, but you know the feeling when once pop you can't stop? Ganon. Haha! Before I knew it, the large size strawberry fries was gone. Lol! It taste like strawberry YanYan.

The crispy fries packs a savory, strawberry-flavored punch that serves as an interesting snack and the ideal partner for the Yumburger, Jolly Hotdog, or even Chickenjoy.

So to all strawberry lovers out there, rejoice! Starting October 30 visit your Jollibee branch and avail these delish Strawberry Tea Float and Strawberry Fries with your other fave Jollibee meal.

The Strawberry Tea Float is available solo for only Php29.00 or as an upgrade with your value meal for only Php20.00. Thw Strawberry Fries is available for Php40.00 (regular), Php65.00 (large), Php80.00 (jumbo), and can also be enjoyed with your favorite value meal as an upgrade for only Php7.00* (prices may vary across different locations).

It was Isha's first time to meet Jollibee yesterday. Yaaaay!

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Thank you Jollibee for having me and Isha! And kudos to your new products!

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Giselle Mendoza said...

Whoah!? I will surely try this..tnx for the info Miss Jen...😊