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The Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator is the family’s partner in their journey to living fresh. It enables the busy homemaker to provide better-tasting food through innovative features such as the Twin Cooling System, Smart Conversion, and Digital Inverter technology.

Samsung is committed to help Filipino families embrace healthy eating. To ensure less food waste, fewer trips to the grocery, and more quality time with loved ones, be mindful of the different shelf lives of common food items once kept in your refrigerator or freezer.


In case you didn’t know, where you store your food inside the refrigerator makes a huge difference in its shelf life. This is because certain food items require specific temperatures to stay fresh. Dairy products, for one, spoil easily, so they must always be placed in the coolest parts of the refrigerator. With the Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator, you’ll never have to worry about premature spoilage in your dairy products again. Ensuring farm-to-table freshness, it retains up to 70% humidity level in the fridge, providing sufficient cool air to keep your food fresh for longer.

If you want to make extra sure your dairy goods don’t go rancid too soon, follow these tips.     

Milk: Store newly-bought or resealed milk for a week. Just make sure to close the cartons/bottles tightly.

Cheese: Unopened hard cheese, like parmesan, can be kept for two to four months. Soft cheese, like mozzarella, can be stored for one to two weeks.

Yogurt: Plain yogurt lasts up to two weeks if left unopened, while variants with fruit must be consumed within 10 days. Once opened, resealed yogurt can last for a week.


Meats, whether raw or cooked, tend to give off distinct aromas. The same goes for other sources of protein like seafood and soy. Let’s say you stock up on fish in the freezer and tofu in the vegetable compartment. If your refrigerator only has a single evaporator, the distinct odors of these food items will mix. You’ll end up with tofu that smells and tastes like fish.

The Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator has two separate evaporators for the fridge and freezer, which keeps odors from mixing. This way, your food stays fresh and tasty. 

To maximize the quality and flavors of meats and other protein food sources, take note of their shelf lives.

Pork, Beef, and Chicken: Uncooked beef or pork, whether cut or ground, lasts in the freezer for six to eight months. Raw chicken can stay frozen for a year. Once cooked, store meat dishes in airtight containers. These can be stored for a week.

Fish: Most varieties of fish can be stocked for six to nine months in the freezer. Refrigerate cooked fish for five to six days.

Eggs: Continuously refrigerated eggs can be left in their original containers for three weeks. Hard-boiled eggs can be chilled for a week; once peeled, they will last five days.

Tofu: Freeze tofu for three to five months. Once opened or only refrigerated, consume within three to five days.


Nature’s vitamin, mineral, and nutrient-rich sources are prone to wastage if not stored properly. It would be costly to make more trips to the supermarket to replace the spoilage. To avoid that, pay attention to the humidity inside the crisper when you store fruits and vegetables.

Place whole fruits in low humidity. Vegetables, especially leafy ones, are best kept in high humidity. Store them in loosely tied plastic bags. Also prepare airtight containers for sliced fruits and vegetables.

The Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator’s high humidity level provides sufficient moisture to keep these fragile food items in good shape, as if they were served fresh from the farm. This means less trips to the market. However, to get the most out of them, consider the following.

Fruits: As a general rule, keep fruits well-stocked and free from bruises. Most fruits only survive one to four days once sliced or opened.

Whole apples and oranges last one to three months. Keep fresh tomatoes for two weeks. Strawberries need to be eaten within seven days. A whole pineapple can be refrigerated from three to five days. Bananas need to be consumed within nine days, depending on how ripe they are.

Vegetables: Your salad favorites can only provide health benefits if they’re fresh. Keep lettuce green and crispy for five to 10 days. Whole garlic and cucumbers will last for a week. Store whole onions, broccoli, and cauliflower for two weeks. Unpeeled carrots can be refrigerated for five weeks. Once sliced, keep vegetables in airtight containers and use them within five days.

As a leader in technology and innovation, Samsung is dedicated to creating smart appliances that are perfect partners for healthy living.  Enjoy farm-to-table goodness with food kept fresher for longer with the Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator.

The Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator is available in all authorized Samsung dealers nationwide. For more details, visit the Samsung Facebook page or log on to

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