Wednesday, November 29, 2017


I remembered dining at Casa Italia last year with the fambam because we wanted gelatos. Little did I know that they've changed their name to Giulia to cater more Italian home-cooked dishes but still serves the famous Casa Italia gelatos. Yaaay! They are still located at the upper ground floor of SM North Edsa, The Block.

Had a lunch date with Sofi at Giulia at their soft opening and got to taste the yummy dishes, comfort food from their menu.

Giulia is a full-service restaurant that whips up hearty dishes that linger way after you’ve finished everything on their plates.

Who can say no to a thin-crust Italian pizza? Ranges from Php295 to Php355 only. Good for 2-3 persons.

This is Chef's Recommendation Aunt Giulia's Legendary Fried Chicken. Php495 good for two. This juicy fried chicken is served with crispy fries, too.

Hearty beef stew enriched with herbs in a rich tomato gravy. Italian Beef Stew, Php455. Good for 2-3 persons.

You should watch-out for this! This tender shrimp and cherry tomatoes sauteed in olive oil with garkic and paprika should be your next order if you're craving for a bit spicy shrimp! Gambas Al Ajillo is only Php330 good for 2 persons.

Have a hearty-meal at the newly opened Giulia! Located at the upper ground floor of SM North Edsa, The Block.

Took thr liberty of taking photos of their menu. Check it out! Surprised how affordable they are considering they served italian dishes. Perfect to bring dates!

Oooh yes! This is what I am talking about! Casa Italia has many flavors of gelatos that I'm sure everyone will love.

Sofi can't decide which flavor to get. Hehe.

It's really hard to decide when you're in front of so many choices. Lol! If you're unsure which flavor to get, you can ask the server if you can taste it first.

Ever since I've tasted Casa Italia's pistachio flavor gelato it has been my constant order. It never fails to satisfy my pistachio craving. FTW!

Thank you Giulia for an italian experience. ❤️ Congratulations on the opening!

So, people of the north, if you're looking for a perfect place to date that serves yummy  italian dishes, delectable gelatos and cozy place to dine, visit Giulia at the ground floor of SM North Edsa, The Block.

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