Wednesday, November 15, 2017


When I was preparing for Sofi and Isha's joint birthday celebration last July, I thought of having a big giveaway, too, to celebrate with our readers. I was a bit hesitant paano ako lalapit sa mga brands and having second thoughts if they will partner with us. I am not well-known like some mommy bloggers, but I have faith when I sent my email proposal for a collaboration at least one or two brands magreply masaya na ako, hehe! But lo and behold, I was overwhelmed with the responses. Maya Kitchen was one of the first na nagreply to celebrate with us. And I am forever grateful to them for giving way to our first #TeamSofIshaGiveaway. Yaaaay!!!

To our readers and supporters, thank you for celebrating with us. We just want to give back for all the love you've shared with us.

And without further ado...

Congratulations MARY GRACE PARDUCHO!!! Kindly email me your Name, Shipping Address and Mobile Number at with MayaXShopgirlJen Winner as subject.

My heart is full with so much love from Maya Kitchen. Thank you, thank you for celebrating with us. ❤

To everyone who joined, thank you so much! Will be announcing the #NestleChuckieXShopgirlJen and #UnilabXShopgirlJen winners very soon. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can still join the #ToyKingdomXShopgirlJen, #BarbieFashionistasXShopgirlJen and #SMAccessoriesKidsXShopgirlJen giveaways before the end. More post, share, more chances of winning!

Like what I've said in my Facebook Fanpage, will resume the giveaways after I'm done checking all my previous giveaways. We still have a lot of giveaways lined up. Just in time for Christmas. Stay tuned for more.