Monday, December 18, 2017


Christmas is the most anticipated celebration for Filipinos. Even before the month of December begins, carols fill the air, decors are put up, gifts wrapped, and balikbayan boxes start to arrive from overseas. It’s a scene all too familiar for a lot of Filipinos—loved ones who are working abroad send a boxful of gifts and goodies to make their presence felt on Christmas as they celebrate the season away from their families.

The latest #KwentongJollibee “Pamasko” puts the spotlight on what most OFW families have on their wish list—to be able to celebrate Christmas together.

“For nearly four decades now, Jollibee has been a part of Filipinos’ lives here in the country and has been bringing a taste of home for our kababayans abroad,” said Francis Flores, Jollibee’s Global Brand chief marketing officer and Jollibee Philippines marketing head. “In this short film on the journey of OFW families, #KwentongJollibee shares with everyone the true meaning of the holidays—more than the material things, it is about sharing our time, love, and joy with our families.”

Stemming from the well-received #KwentongJollibee “Apo,” “Pamasko” highlights the plight and sacrifices of Filipino migrant workers in order to give their children and extended families a better life in the country—even if it means being away from each other.

The feature film hits close to home for a lot of Filipinos who have loved ones working overseas—the story of joy despite the hardships, finding comfort in enjoying the taste of home abroad with Jollibee, and hiding the pain and longing by shipping balikbayan boxes on Christmas.

On the other hand, the longing and yearning of the children to be with their parents, especially on Christmas, is also amplified in this latest #KwentongJollibee. While kids are grateful for all the gifts that they are showered with, their only wish through the years remain the same—that they get to celebrate Christmas with their parents, as one whole family.

Directed by Ianco dela Cruz and produced in partnership with Philippine Airlines, “Pamasko” continues the heartwarming and inspiring stories of Filipinos, as Jollibee pays tribute to families and their selfless love for their families.

Watch the video Jollibee Philippines channel and find out what Christmas has in store for an OFW family this year.

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