Friday, February 2, 2018


Change of weather is one of the culprit why a lot of people are coughing and sneezing these days. As a mom, I'm a little bit sensitive when there's people coughing. These viruses can easily be spread. And before you know it nahawa ka na din. Or in worse cases pati bata and babies nahawa na din. Ugh.

I once had a flu around November last year and it was once of the worst feelings. And being a mom especially with a baby who is still dependent to me, ang hirap magkasakit. Kaya it is better talaga to arm yourself with the right kind of vitamins that will help your immunity strong and sustain you to fight off these viruses.

If you're looking for a right vitamins and minerals, let me introduce to yoh the EC-Vit, a softgel capsule with mutivitamins and selenium.

EC-Vit is FDA approved dietary supplement and should be taken once daily after meals.

Benefits of taking EC-Vit include anti-aging, reduce stress, improve resistance against diseases and healthier skin, hair, nails and eyes.

Here are the benefits on why taking EC-Vit daily is a must:

  • Provide anti-oxidant substances which delays the aging process
  • Strengthen the body's resistance, help prevent from diseases
  • Help recover strength for athletes, students reviewing for exams, people workibg under stress, convalescents
  • Prevention and combination in therapt for vision diseases, nervous disorders (eg: amnesia, alzheimer, parkinson) cancer, cardiovascular diseases.

EC-Vit is imported and distributed by Metrophil Drug and Chemical Trading.

EC-Vit Softgel Capsule Vitmains and minerals are now availble at leading drusgtores nationwide.

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