Thursday, February 15, 2018


It is important that we keep our heart healthy. The heart is a vital part of the body. It's a muscular organ which pumps blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system. Blood provides the body with oxygen and nutrients, as well as assist in the removal of metabolic wastes.

To maintain a strong heart, we need a healthy lifestyle that involves healthy eating, maintaining a healthy body weight, enjoying regular physical activity and not smoking. By following a heart-healthy way of eating, you will be ensuring that you get all the nutrients you need to support your health.

But aside from the physical and medical aspect of the heart, what really makes a good heart? Someone who has a good heart is a person who is kind, caring, considerate, patient, polite, thoughtful, that sort of thing. They're never rude. It basically means they're a good person.

Like many other parents, my husband, Paul and I, try our best to teach our two girls, Sofi and Isha, to do what's right. We are teaching them good values because that develops good attitude and character. We want them to have the freedom to be who they are and to enjoy life and be carefree, but they also need to realize that the world does not revolve around them. What they do, good or bad will affect our family and the people around us. We want them to know there's more to life than material things. That giving is actually going to give them more joy than receiving. It's ok to feel blessed and have what they need but it's also important to share and bless others too, when they have the opportunity to do so.

A lot of times, our heart and mind don't agree and we have to choose which one to follow. Our mind gets in the way and often times it’s what leads us to trouble. But when we follow our heart, somehow we feel that we are doing the right thing.

Having a good, positive mindset equates to positive attitude. Surrounding yourself with positive people who brings out the best in you is not only good for your mind, but healthy for the heart.

A good heart is a happy heart. Forgive those who hurt you, let go and move on. Cleanse your mind and soul by praying or meditating then fill your mind with positive things. Do what you love and have fun. If it helps, read something that is motivating and uplifting. If you're feeling sad or depressed, watch something funny or silly. After all, laughter is a good medicine. And of course most importantly, spend time with the people you love - your family and friends. Let yourself be surrounded with people that have a positive influence.

Paul and I enjoy spending time with our children. One of the things we enjoy doing is bonding over food trips and having our meals together. Study after study shows that families who eat together are happier and healthier. Sitting around the table and talking about the day is important. Also, cooking together and having your children help in the kitchen is not only fun but educational. It encourages them to be involved, learn about food, teaches them healthy eating habits and how to make healthy snacks.

Solane helps in making hearty, healthy meals. When it comes to cooking, there's simply no substitute for gas. Leading chefs agree that the instant and controllable heat of a direct flame provides a quick and ultimate cooking experience. With Solane LPG, that experience is made available to you. Cooking with LPG, you get immediate heat on ignition and instant response to any change of settings and distribution of heat.

Solane is also dedicated to safety for you, your family, and the whole community so you never have to worry about bonding with your children in the kitchen.

Food may nourish our bodies but the time spent in the kitchen creating meals together with Solane nourishes our hearts. When you spend time with your kids in the kitchen, you are helping them develop skills and you're also making precious memories that will last forever. 

Enjoying the little things with our family and depositing happy memories to Sofi and Isha, will help them face hurdles they may face growing up.

We give a fragment or portion of our hearts to our families, friends, and other things, but don't forget to keep some for yourself. You cannot give what you don't have. We need to love ourselves before we can share that love to others. A healthy heart breeds compassion and love to everyone regardless of who they are or where they're from.

"Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks", so whatever is in your heart, comes out in your actions and what you say. We need to choose our words that will uplift and encourage others.

Always remember to have a thankful and grateful heart. Learn to appreciate big and small things. A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.

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