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With every season comes a new set of beauty woes: rainy days and summer days, with beachy waves and sun-kissed cheeks, a sunscreen is your total skin protection.

How proficient are you in sunscreens? Most people don’t understand much of what’s written on a lotion or cream label. As people think that SPF equals everything. And it does count for a lot: the sun protection factor measures a sunscreen’s ability to filter UVB rays, which are related to sunburn and skin cancer. However, SPF only measures UVB rays; it doesn’t tell you much anything about protection from UVA rays.

The most misunderstood part of sunscreen is UVA, a type of UV which is around every day; it can penetrate through window glass. Like UVB, it’s also related to an increased risk of skin cancer, but unlike UVB, it’s not filtered by the ozone at all. UVA doesn’t cause sunburn, but it really leads to darkening and aging, because it penetrates deeper into the skin and has more influence in the collagen.

There is no such thing as 100% UV protection — not even from a sunscreen with an SPF of 110. There’s only one way to tell whether your sunscreen offers UVA coverage: the words “broad spectrum.” Most active ingredients in sunscreen shield against UVB, but far fewer have UVA coverage, and only a handful offer both.

Diana Stalder Sunscreen Cream SPF35 is a broad spectrum sunscreen protection as it contains the active ingredient Zinc Oxide, a natural sunscreen ingredient that physically—instead of chemically—blocks rays. Zinc oxide protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

But what does SPF really means? Here’s the real definition: an SPF of 35 means that technically, you could be out in the sun 35 times longer before you get sunburned than you would be able to if you went out without sunscreen, as long as you keep re-applying it appropriately, that is, greasing up with an ample amount of product every 3-4 hours.

Diana Stalder Sunscreen Cream SPF 35, is FDA registered and is ideal for normal to dry skin, safe for everyday use. It offers protection against the full spectrum of UV rays and signs of aging; resulting to a younger looking, radiant and healthy skin. While choosing the best sunscreen is important, perhaps even more crucial is using it correctly. For proper use, apply a sufficient amount to the skin, 30 minutes before sun exposure. 

Diana Stalder sunscreen is also available in Gel form, for oily skin.

By educating yourself about many sunscreen options, you can be confident that the product you choose will fit your needs, offering you the best protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

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