Friday, March 23, 2018


There is a wide influx to life hacks and nifty tips for the household in the internet, and while some gobble them up like pancakes, there is still a part inside of you wondering if they actually work. At times like this, you’d start to think about your mom’s classic fix-its, albeit absurd in context.

In their latest campaign, SM Appliance tickles your sense of nostalgia through their series of digital ads that reminds you how endearing Mom could get in the household, from occasional jabs at your home lifestyle, to gentle reminders that hopes for nothing but the best for your well-being.

The household boss
A simple act of squinting in front of the television means your eyes are going blurry, so she hoists you to SM Appliance to buy a bigger television for the house. A barely empty load in the washing  machine means you’re wasting water, so she gives you extra laundry to do.

Mom thinks a few steps ahead, ensuring that every act in the house isn’t wasteful or harmful to everyone involved.

The practical lifesaver
Every expense in the household may be accounted for, but Mom makes sure you get all that you need in life. An extra expensive gadget, like a cellular phone, can be paid through installment in SM Appliance; you just need two valid IDs and a Mom that’s willing to go with you to purchase it.

The full circle
You may regard her as a home magician, but there are times when she needs you too. A mundane digital task for others may be a crazy feat for her, like changing profile pictures or sending an email with an attachment. For moments like this, you must learn to treat  it as a bonding moment – reversing roles and being the  lifesaver this time around.

When it comes to appliances, there is really no one as wise as Mom, but one appliance center comes real close. SM Appliance Center offers great value and greater service from its numerous outlets nationwide, ensuring that in times of trouble in the household, there is someone you can trust besides from Mom.

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