Thursday, May 10, 2018


I believe the most frequent question asked is: "Where to eat?". Hahaha! Who here can relate? Every time the fambam go out, my hubby or Sofi would ask me where we will be eating. Pero minsan naaubusan ka na ng isasagot and you'll end up at foodcourt. Lol! Don't get me wrong, we love eating at foodcourt. We have a few of our faves. But there are times that we want something special or hindi pa nakainan. Pero minsan tinatamad ka na din mag isip. 

Good thing there's Eatigo to the rescue. Ever since I discovered this mobile app I'm always checking their updates. Why? Because of the discounts. Yep, With Eatigo, you get to choose where to eat without having to worry about your budget because it offers up to 50% discounts on every restaurant partner.

Eatigo may be new but it has fast become one of the leading restaurant reservation platforms in the Metro.

And if you're looking for some place to eat, hold a meeting, celebrate someone's special day or just chill and have some foodtrip, Eatigo has continuously been signing up top brands and restaurants like Pepper Lunch, Marriott Cafe, Dulcinea, Barcino, and The CafĂ©, Hyatt City of Dreams’ signature buffet restaurant to give us the ultimate dining experience.

You can download Eatigo on your mobile app for free, sign up, and be ready to explore and take your palate to the next level.

“Eatigo’s mission is to connect empty tables with empty stomachs by offering time-based discounts at every participating restaurant, every day”, says Eatigo Country Marketing Manager, Angela Go. “It works for both diners and restaurants. Users can choose from upscale hotels to popular food chains, and even hole-in-the-wall establishments all at 50% off, making it possible for our users to conveniently dine out as frequently as they want without breaking the bank. The restaurants on the other hand get to fill their empty seats during off-peak hours, now that’s a win-win”.

Start your May with Eatigo’s WOW Wednesday.  Eatigo offers 50% discounts all day at your favourite restaurants on one Wednesday of each month. This May, WOW Wednesday is scheduled to happen on May 9. Keep your eyes peeled for promos on the dedicated WOW Wednesday panel on the Eatigo app.

Watch out for Eatigo’s Late Lunch/Early Dinner Specials. Restaurants featured will be offering 50% discounts for specific times one whole week of every month. This May 21-27, customers can get 50% discounts between 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM.

Participating brands for the various promos will be revealed on the official Eatigo Facebook page, so like it now -

Eating out has never been this fun and affordable! So make every day, an Eatigo dining day! Download the Eatigo app now on both iOS and Android:

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