Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Question: How do you celebrate a milestone? How about a birthday? Cakes are very important part of a celebration. Sabi nga, party without a cake is just a meeting. Hehe! But kidding aside, cakes can be given to cheer-up a friend. You can also show your family and friends how much you care and that you remember them. Yep, we can have cakes whatever season or reason we have. Make your acts of love with Red Ribbon.

Red Ribbon has been a part of our lives and through the years we became witness to their expansion and growth. We recently attended Scarlet Snow's Rainbow Chaser launch with Red Ribbon and today, I would like to share with you Red Ribbon's family ambassadors.

I've been a follower of the Soriano family on Instagram because Seve and Isha are batchmates - they were born the same year, 2016, though Seve was ahead by 3 months. And through my sleepless nights, I'm constantly checking Toni Gonzaga's IG so I can be updated on their baby brands..hehe.

And there's no better family to represent Red Ribbon than Paul, Toni and Seve as they take the lead in showing care for loved ones and to show what it means to add a special touch to love.


I didn't know Red Ribbon prepared a surprise for me. Kaya pala iniinsist ng PR nila for me to attend and be on time at the event (hello, Ms. Ailene!). So imagine my surpised face when they told us that there's a mini presentation for March babies and there he is..hubby greeting me and declaring his love for me..PUBLICLY (well during the media presscon). hahaha! Kudos, Red Ribbon! Iba kayo! 😍

Indeed, Red Ribbon offers delicious-looking and super-tasting cakes and pastries for Filipino families. What a sweet way to have a family bonding.

And with the variety of cakes at Red Ribbon, a simple act of cheering up, rewarding them, or just surprising them can be made special if done with a Red Ribbon.

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