Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Now that we're in the middle of summer season, hindi natin alam that a lot of invisible germs in the air are real. Can't get off this worry na even if we don't touch germs, the germs can touch you. Yikes! And we all know viral diseases, bacteria can lead in to harmful sicknesses. #HANGINfection is real!

But the good news is we can protect ourselves and fight this germs together with Safeguard, Philippines' Number 1 Family Skin Germ Protection SoaP. They're taking active steps to spread awareness about these airborne germs.

In line with this, I want to share with you the five facts on #HANGINfection that can change the way we protect ourselves against airborn germs.

1. #HANGINfection can travel fron one place to another.
- Winds can transport fron places to places. #HANGINfection can stay airborne for long periods of tine. It can even survive days or up to a week.
2. The scientific name of #HANGINfection is bioaerosols.
3. #HANGINfection contains viruses, bacteria and fungi.
4. #HANGINfection is around us and it comes from different resources - even ourselves!
- We may not see them, but since it's in the air, kaya madali tayong mahawa or magkahawaan. They are tiny airborne particles that roams around or aread where there are so many people or animals, including damp locations. This is why we are taught to cover our mouths when we cough or sneeze because each time we don't, germs can travel in the air through droplets.
5. Without proper protection, #HANGINfection can cause skin infection and other diseases.
- Yes, skin infection can lead in to pimples and acne. It can also can respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal infections and other illnesses.

And because we need to make sure that we are protected against airborne germs, when it comes to germs protection, good thing there's Safeguard!

#HANGINfection is a serious matter. And when it comes to protecting our family, we will not take it lightly. Kaya we need to teach and remind ourselves and our loved ones to wash our hands regulary with Safeguard.

The nation's number one soap gives us 24 hours of germ protection even from #HANGINfection and Safeguard has been protecting us for almost 50 years.

To know more about #HANGINfection, watch the pambansang bae, Alden Richards spread awareness through his "I Wash It That Way" video on Youtube or Safeguard's Facebook Page.

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Roselyn Dela Fuente said...

Me and my hubby ito tlga ung trusted nming sabon ..
Nawawala din tigyawat ska d maasim msyado pawis nmin compate sa ibang sabon.