Monday, June 4, 2018


You’ve prepared the ideal summer get-up – heat-proof clothes, light makeup, and lots of sunscreen. Now all you need is a fresh scent to complete the perfect ensemble.

The Flora Collection of Blackwater, Ever Bilena Cosmetics’ personal grooming line, is perfect to put in this hot season. Smell good all day with this collection as these summer scents are crafted to swap out those heavy scents for something fruity, lighter and sweeter.

During this extremely hot season, Brazilian head-turner and Blackwater Woman ambassador Daiana Menezes uses only the coolest fragrance to seize the summer days with a fresh smell.

The Blackwater Woman Flora Collection is a new, casual fragrance, a collection of delicately blended scents. Women have four expertly-crafted scents to choose from for everyday use: Calm Heart, Love Blues, Pearl Beauty and Tender Smile.

For a light, fresh scent, Calm Heart is a scent that lures a space in your summer fragrance arsenal. This on-point fragrance blends mandarin blossoms with pink pepper and ginger for a sexy hint of spice that reminds of a playful summer. Tender Smile gives an interesting scent that has a powdery baby smell and keeps the smell of perspiration away, ideal for a carefree day walk at the beach.

Delectable fruity summer scents are always a good choice for summer as it doesn’t leave you feeling sticky. A tropical scent, Pearl Beauty is perfect for a warm day stroll that contains a mix of honeyed oranges and wild berries while Love Blues is a sweet and delicate blend of violet florals with a refreshing fruity twist, best for attracting a vibrant feeling this season.

Blackwater Women’s offers collections that are carefully crafted for every Filipino woman to smell good and fresh in order to seize the summer days!

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