Friday, August 31, 2018


To carry on their century of accomplishments, innovations, and experiences, Serenitea 
continuously creates products that are more and more exciting while keeping its quality at its 
peak. From their pioneer branch in San Juan, Serenitea quickly branched out to more than 50 
stores nationwide.

In celebration of Serenitea’s 10th year in the beverage industry on December 19, 2018, they 
present another series of drinks that is not only indulgent but also new to the taste buds of its 
customers because of the extra creaminess and extra unique flavors of the new variants.

The Frost Temptation Series is composed of three flavors: Matcha Frost, Cheese Frost and
Durian Frost. The Matcha Frost is made from Green Tea powder infused in milk and cream and is best paired with any chocolate drinks and Matcha concoctions just like the Cocoa with Matcha Frost. It is a rich and sweet chocolate beverage topped with creamy frost with a distinct matcha flavor.

The Cheese Frost is made from cheese powder infused in milk and cream best paired with
any of the milk teas, chocolate drinks and Matcha concoctions just like the Taro Lover with Cheese Frost. It is a silky taro drink topped with cream frost that’s mildly cheesy salty. Lastly, the Durian Frost is is made from Durian mix infused in blended milk and cream and is best paired with freshly brewed green tea or any of the espresso based drinks just like the Matcha Latte with Durian Frost. It is milky matcha green tea topped with creamy frost with the exotic flavor of Durian.

For those who are always on the lookout to try new flavors of refreshments, then the Frost
Temptation Series should be on top of your list! The flavorful texture of the frost makes the
Serenitea’s drinks standout all the more, being the perfect choice for those who are not afraid to show a little extra!

For the past ten years, Serenitea continues to surprise its customers and fans with its new and 
refreshing beverages. Although some favorites have come and gone, the country’s most popular 
milk tea chain’s vast offerings will continue to entice milk tea lovers and foodies from all walks of life.

Sofi and I had a Serenitea date yesterday and we talked about the latest in her life, her school, her friends, etc. (hindi pa naman lovelife. Hindi pa kami ready. Waaaah! 😭 LOL!) And of course, we also enjoyed the goodness of the newest from Serenitea. Mars, ang sarap lang ng Taro Lover with Cheese Frost habang nagkwekwentuhan kami. ❤ May iba pang flavors available ang #SereniteaFrostTemptation like Matcha Latte with Durian Frost and Cocoa with Matcha Frost. 💯👍 Can't wait for another Serenitea date with ate Sofi to try other flavors.

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