Friday, September 7, 2018


As a mom, we always want to give the best care for our baby. Especially with their skin. We know gaano sila ka-fragile. Every time there's something "not normal" sa akin ni Isha I always check with her pedia. My hubny has sensitive skin so it's not impossible that our kids may have inherited it also. 

Good thing there's baby brands that addressed the baby skin issue. I also learned a lot in caring for baby's skin when Isha and I attended the Day 5 of #7DaysOfCetaphil held at SM Makati.

The Day 5 is all about baby's skin. Learned a lot of facts what causing dry skin to newborn babies:

Toxicity from topical agents

  • Percutaneous absorption
  • Increased risk due to surface area to body weight ratio
  • Epidermis is thinner
Reduced capacity for thermoregulation
  • Sweating is delayed
  • Immaturity of sweat glands
  • Decreased response to thermal stress
  • Prone to miliaria

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