Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Akari, the country’s leading lighting and technology brand, introduces Akari Junior. Fun and playful lighting options - ranging from character study lamps, to animal-shaped mosquito killers to themed chandeliers complete the new kids-safe Akari Junior line.

Akari Junior aims to bring kids’ dreams to light through a wide collection of products. Make any child’s room bright and inviting with the Akari Junior chandeliers that come in a variety of designs to complement the bedroom’s theme.

Study time can be more fun and productive with desk lamps available in different colors and designs to brighten up the mood. Protect children from mosquitoes that carry dengue or zika virus with the cute but effective Akari Junior’s mosquito killer bulbs and mosquito zappers. 

Akari introduces collection of kids-safe LED lighting and mosquito zapping products
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“We at Akari continuously seek to make good use of technology to serve our customers better,” says Akari marketing manager, Marian Gomez. “Now that we have further expanded our product offerings with Akari Junior, we aim to make the lives of many more Filipino families, especially the children, even brighter.”

Committed to providing world-class lighting, electrical and energy-saving products, Akari continues to develop product lines to meet the varying needs of Filipino consumers.

Akari Junior is available in leading hardware stores nationwide. To know more about Akari and its products, visit and Facebook page,


Anita Marita said...

We have a tennis racket mosquito zapper and I truly enjoy the zapping sounds when I hit the insects quickly one after the other! (Sorry, mosquitoes.) I was born in the year of the tiger so it would be nice to have the Akari orange tiger mosquito zapper.

Lovell Compoc said...

oh, didnt know that they have for mosquitoes too. Am so praning talaga huhu , i still have that tennis racket ĺookalike for mosquitoes and i want something na steady to catch those tiny creatures🙄 instead of me catching me most of the time☹ Thanks for sharing mommy, its design is cute too .
I actually want to purchase a study lamp for my eldest and i guess am.buying both 🤗

Jonna Cielo said...

Gusto ko tlga ung pampatay sa lamok hehe :D -cielo jonna