Monday, November 5, 2018


I'm one happy momma since nalaman kong there will be another way to commute. Whenever I need to bring my kids somewhere and my hubby's not available to drive for us, mas preferred ko ang mga riding apps.instead of a regular cab. Siguro dahil sa mga bad news I've been hearing sa mga taxis and we had a traumatic experience, too. Kaya kahit it's a bit expensive I would rather book a car dahil aside from it is much safer, mas malinis pa,and the fare is fixed na. No need makipagdialogue or bargain with the driver.

I've been hearing about HYPE earlier this year and finally, just in time for the holiday season, HYPE launches its service to lessen our stress sa traffic, cab drivers na nagpapatong on top of the metro, parking, etc.

HYPE Fest had a grand launch a few weeks ago where it was well attended by HYPE Head Officers, partners, drivers and media friends.

In his message to the attendees, Mr. Nicanor Escalante, HYPE Transport Systems, Inc. President said, “When we first envisioned HYPE, we had a vision to provide the Filipino riding public a viable choice. We wanted the Filipinos to have the power to choose the most affordable, the safest, the most convenient, and with the most number of transport options possible.”

 “We are proud to say that as the Filipino riding public has begun to support HYPE, more and more of our drivers --- both TNVS and taxi cabs; will continue to enjoy more and more earnings by using the app, and will most definitely enjoy more surprises from us and our partners,” Escalante further said.

Miss Jennifer Silan, HYPE Chief Operating Officer also presented a number of promo-incentive schemes for the riding public.

Nic Escalante (HYPE President), Piolo Pascual, Jennifer Silan (HYPE COO)

 Nic Escalante (HYPE President), Piolo Pascual

Blogger friends. We're all excited to know that HYPE has finally launched. It's now easier to attend events and go from one place to another

The event was sponsored by SMART, PLDT, Phoenix Petroleum, Rapide, Hunters, Huawei, Connext Marketing (BAJAJ), Toyota Lipa, Manila Broadcasting Corporation, and Star City; was hosted by internet sensation Ashley Rivera, was graced by Filipina actress, host, dancer, and commercial model Andrea Torres of GMA 7; with Ransom Collective, an all-Filipino indie folk band entertaining the audience; and capped off by the performance of sought-after DJ Patty Tiu.

To learn more about HYPE Transport Systems, Inc. visit their website at; and their Facebook page

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