Monday, November 26, 2018


Vivo has been churning out unique-looking smartphones the past few years, thanks to the brand’s innovative spirit, its novelty stretches from industry-first specs to chic body design. Indeed, Vivo smartphones are first-rate inside and out. Complementing the superb features under its hood are its functional yet aesthetic designs with colors that match personalities and sense of style.

Mystery is Vivo V7+ Matte Black’s middle name
The evolution of stylish Vivo smartphones started with the V7+ Matte Black, which marries sophistication and mystery in style with front-line technology. The V9 Velvet Red, on the other hand, suits the personalities of Vivo users who live on the edge, perfectly matching all the great features the V9 offers for modern, go-getters.

Passion is the name of the game for the Vivo Velvet Red

The V11 Starry Night is a gradient beauty which is reminiscent of the night skies, blending together the enigma of black and the boldness of blue, perfect for the adventurous professional. The V11 Starry Night is both youthful and sophisticated, exuding the impression of elegance and mystic beauty. The V11 Nebula, on the other hand, reminds us of the distant galaxies with the depth of its blue color. The V11 Nebula gathers inspiration from all things celestial, and invokes wonder and magic.

Nocturnal beauties V11 V11 Starry Night and V11 Nebula

The V11 Pink Fairy is the design opposite of both the V11 Starry Night and V11 Nebula with its design that is all sweet and feminine.  Pink is the new black in fashion for most women because it is delicate yet fun. Youthful and vibrant, the V11 Pink Fairy emphasizes the femininity of the modern-age strong women, and the men, too, who are not afraid to embrace their sensitive side.

There is power in pink; thanks to Vivo V11 Pink Fairy

Vivo adheres to its mission of continuous innovation not only with regards to its under-the-hood features but also its aesthetics. With its brand anchored to suit the taste and needs of the latter-day youth, Vivo smartphones always vow to wow.

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