Saturday, January 19, 2019


As tradition for the past years, I can't let last year passed by without highlighting my happenings. 2018 was an awesome year in terms of blogging. I want to start my 2019 chapter by being grateful to everything that happened last year. I may have lost touch with some PR's and Brands last year (especially if hindi ka nakakaattend ng events nila nakalimutan ka na. Sad but true) but still mas madami akong naging opportunities, doors and windows were opened for me and new experiences as well. Super grateful that despite of my being MIA sometimes, my family, readers and supporters, PR's and Brands, andyan pa din kayo. Salamat sa mga Brands na nag tap for online campaigns not only for me but for #TeamSofIsha as well. I'm praying and hoping that this 2019 I'll be more consistent, up to date and mas visible tayo ngayon, and that I'll grow more as a Mommy and Lifestyle Blogger. I know I still have a lot to learn. Walang iwanan, okieee? hehe!

Anyway, just want to highlight my 2018. Though hindi na ako nakakaattend talaga ng mga launches and events, still grateful that I was able to attend kahit konti lang (salamat sa Mom ko na babysitter ni Isha and sa mga nakakapagsundo kay Sofi). Sharing with you some photos from last year.

Aside from attending events, ansaya din to see some of your blogger friends. Check out our event photos, #TeamSofIsha and online campaigns from 2018.

WOAH! Andami palang naging happenings! Actually, kulang pa nga yang mga photos. haha! Thank you to everyone for making my 2018 an awesome ride! Excited ako sa 2019. I've set goals for Shopgirl Jen and can't wait to fulfill it!

Thank you to all the PR's and Brands for staying with me. Your online campaigns, event invites, bloggermails are super appreciated. More work this 2019, yes? Woohoo!

Thank you to my readers and supporters for the love, share, comments and likes. Grabeee! Can't wait to share more blessings to all of you. Abangan nyo lang yan. Feel free to share kung anong topic ang gusto nyong i-cover natin and how I can improve my craft. I'm all ears. :)

Thank you 2018 for the memorable year. The best is yet to come.

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Aci Girl said...

Glad to be part of your 2018 marsh!
Wishing you more blessing and happiness this year.