Saturday, March 9, 2019


When you start taking care of yourself you start feeling better, you start looking better. It starts with YOU.

This month I'm turning 42. It's never too late to look after myself. I know age is an issue of mind over matter. I don't mind getting old and it doesn't matter. What matter is, I should be taking care of myself, my health, my well-being.

Fave mantra ko yung "You can't pour from an empty cup. You should take care of yourself first". How? By exercising, eating well and of course, taking proper vitamins and supplement.

Ang galing that Myra now has #MyraUltimate to help achieve youthful, beautiful skin. May benefits pa sya ng astaxanthin, lycopene and vitamin E to help reduce lines and dark spot. Win!

Myra Ultimate is now available at your favorite drugstore and supermarket for only Php20 per capsule.


jennifer londe said...

Wow ang cute ng bag mommy ito na pala yung ultimate ng myra e ngayon mommy mukhang maganda siyA.

Ma.theresa priela said...

Wow Ang Ganda Ng MYRA ultimate❤️😍 Mapapa wow ka talaga sa Result nyan mamsh😍😍 sana Ma try ko din itong Myra . Kaso BF pa q eh😊

Atheena Reyes said...

nakakabata talaga pag myra e mommy...blooming lage kahit puyat...😊

Carla Castro Perez said...

Loyal user nito ang mama ko, Pero di nya pa natatry po itong bago and nakita ko na effective talaga kay mama to. Sana matry ko rin to☺️

Queenie Mance Gallardo said...

Happy birthday Month Momshie Jen, maganda talaga gumamait ng Myra E looking great young and beautiful hindi halatang 42 na hehe ako din tatry ko din 31 palang ako para pag 40 na stay beautiful padin at fresh like you hehe