Saturday, May 11, 2019


MOM. Because multi-tasking ninja is not an actual job. And being a mom to Sofi (12) and Isha (2.7) is no joke. Waaahhh! With a gap of 10 years, I learned how to adapt to their needs and interest.

From helping Sofi with school work/projects (hello, algebra! Huhu) and teaching Isha the basic numbers, singing nursery rhymes, learning shapes and colors and many more.

Add mo pa ang house chores, running errands, sundo kay Sofi sa school, being a wife to daddykins, I know not all #superheroes wear capes.

Being a mom for 13 years can be tiring yet fulfilling esp. we never experience having a yaya. Si Isha pa naman e nasa stage na super active physically, talaga namang nakakapagod. Huhu.

But I believe we can't pour from an empty cup. We have to take care of ourselves first. Kasi if mahal mo ang family mo, you have to be your best, d ba? And I'm glad I have a partner that can sustain my Mommy role everyday, thanks to Cecon Plus.

I choose to #BeCeconStrong because it is complete with Vitamin C for stronger immunity, Vitamin B Complex for energy, and Vitamin E to help me look my best. 🥰

Now that we're experiencing bipolar weather, I know daddykins need Cecon and Sofi the Cecon Junior to boost their immune system. Mahirap magkasakit, so better arm them with #vitamins na subok na.

Kaya to all momsies out there, let's celebrate our mommy journey by taking care of ourselves.

Happy Mother's Day!

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