Friday, July 12, 2019


Pangit. Hindi ka makakapag-asawa. Wala ng pag-asa. Tigidig. These are some of the harsh words na naranasan nila because of their battle with acne. I can't imagine how they face their everyday lives tapos makakarinig ka ng mga ganito from your family, friends and loved ones. Parang ang sarap sabihin na, "Preno naman. Ang sakit mong magsalita". It's easy to judge talaga other people without thinking ano ang impact ng negative words to them. We can really brutal with words. And sometimes we are too insensitive to notice na nahuhurt na pala natin feelings nila. Minsan kasi our way of tukso or panglalait is through joke. Dinadaan natin sa joke na akala natin nakakatawa pero in real life and when they are alone nasasaktan na pala sila. Bumabalik sa kanila lahat ng hurtful words.

Siguro nakita nyo na ang video nila sa Facebook Page ng Maxi-Peel. And talaga naman nakakaantig ng puso ang acne journey nila. I don't have acne kaya kaya hindi ko maisip how they see themselves in the mirror everyday. But for sure their hurt is skin deep, you're not only scarring their faces, but also their self-esteem.

But these brave women happily met us and talked to us in an intimate gathering where they shared their sentiments on their road towards healing from acne, thanks to Maxi-Peel's "Wag Mong Isuko ang Laban" campaign.

Maxi-Peel puts their brand on the line with a documentary campaign that follows 4 women from different walks of life in a 60-day journey with Maxi-Peel Exfoliant Solutions, capturing their real progress, with real results in real time.

Meet these courageous women behind the heart-wrenching 60-second testimonial video telling everyone what society tells them every day.

“Alam mo Kata, mas maganda ka sana kung kasing kinis ng legs mo yung mukha mo.” Kata San Mateo, a digital marketing head and an aspiring artist, recalls a painful moment during her acne breakout. Teary-eyed, she continues, “Siyempre tatawa-tawa lang ako pero sa loob loob ko, sobra na.”

“Honestly, lately hindi ako lumalabas ng bahay. There’s this misconception na ‘pag ma-pimple ka, madumi ka kaya sometimes I feel hopeless.” A former special education teacher, now a full-time mom, Angeline Carandang powers through the negativity, despite an overwhelming feeling of insecurity, “Behind this face, I can be a great mom… matatapos din ‘to, ngayon lang ‘to.”

“Nakulam ka ba… Naagnas ka na” Joepy Libo-on, a cum laude graduate who is now working as a marketing manager, still remembers some of the most painful things people have told her. “Before n’ung sobrang lala talaga ng pimples ko, there was a time na sobrang bumaba ng self-esteem ko.”

“Bakit siya ‘yung napiling host, eh ang dami niyang pimples?” Andrea Roces, a retail manager and an active humanitarian says pimples have affected her work and her credibility, damaging her self-esteem and self-belief, “The confidence I’ve built for many years, it all goes away.”

They shared that some of them suffered acne due to genetics, stressed and hormonal changes.

Grabe! This mommy shared na nagka acne lang sya when she got pregnant lang. Imagine bigla kang  nagka acne adult ka na? Kung kelan akala mo nalampasan mo na yung puberty stage where hormonal changes are happening.

Salute to these brave, courageous women! May you inspire others who are also suffering with acne na #WagMongIsukoAngLaban. Laging may pag-asa.

By the way, if you look closely, a lot of changes are already happening from their photos to actual. When we met them nasa Day 21 na sila of treatment. Maxi-Peel gives update on their journey. You may follow them on their Facebook Page.

Kudos to Maxi-Peel and Maxi-Peel team for the initiative of taking this challenges. Thank you for the assurance that they can have better treatment to address their acne. Because this fight is not only about the face, but also they need healing against negative words. It's time to bring back their confidence and hope.

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