Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Taste Australia is bringing the highest quality Navel Oranges back from Australia’s south east regions to the Philippines. 

Only sourced from the highest quality crops, Australian oranges are at their prime and Taste Australia encourages consumers to make the most of the peak season and indulge in this colourful, sweet, juicy and nutritious fruit. 

Welcoming the citrus season to Manila, Hort Innovation’s Taste Australia campaign aims to cement existing trade relations and develop new partnerships between the two countries.

Head of Trade of Hort Innovation Australia, Ms. Dianne Phan, says she is thrilled to witness more and more Filipinos buying Australian fruits for their loved ones.

“The Philippines is one of Australia’s top ten export markets for Navel oranges, with over 5,000 tonnes exported every year. This is the second year of the Taste Australia campaign running in the Philippines, we are really pleased to share our Navel oranges with Filipino consumers”.

David Daniels, Market Access Manager at Citrus Australia, says "Australian oranges are lovingly and carefully grown and we are proud to share Australia's best produce with Filipinos. We encourage consumers to taste this vibrant fruit at major supermarket chains across Manila. Oranges aren't just for snacking: their versatility means they can be added to your savory and sweet recipes."

Famously known for their health benefits and soaring Vitamin C content, oranges contain natural flu-fighting properties, which may help in fending off nasty colds. Oranges are high in energy dense properties and are also known to assist in weight control, maintaining healthy    blood pressure levels and a healthy heart.
Oranges are the perfect addition for children’s lunchboxes or a quick easy snack for on the run, and are packed with antioxidants, fibre, folate and potassium. An incredibly versatile fruit, Australian oranges make for a popular decorative addition to household fruit bowls and will brighten up the table. Oranges can also be utilised in a number of unique recipes such as marmalades, or for entertaining purposes as a colourful addition to cocktails.

Taste Australia allows consumers to take advantage of these much loved seasonal sensations, with product branded or promoted under its banner guaranteed to be perfectly ripe, fresh and sweet. Try this delectable fruit at in-store and sampling sessions taking place at participating retailers such as Rustan’s, Shopwise, Wellcome, S&R, Robinson’s, SM and other major supermarkets.

Consumers can also find participating retailers, view trending recipes, learn helpful tips and tricks, or be involved in the latest conversations by following Taste Australia - Philippines on @TasteAustraliaPhilippines on Facebook and @TasteAustraliaPH on Instagram.

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