Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Family time is sacred time.

We're all guilty of leading busy lives and not always having the time to come together. Sa sobrang occupied natin during the day, sobrang pagod because of work, errands, traffic, overtime, minsan mas gugustuhin pa natin matulog. Lol! Who can relate?

Minsan naman kahit magkakasama na tayo ng meal time either we're holding our phones, laptop dahil nagmu-multi task tayo. But I realized, meal time is the only time of the day when parents and child can have bonding moments. It is the only time where we can interact with one another.

We understand today's hectic lifestyle means it isn't always possible to get everyone together all the time, but meal times are such a great opportunity to bring everybody together around the dining table.

A cooked meal, a joke, or a story, and these small moments can gain momentum to create stronger connections even away from the table. I'm a fan of creating memories with children, creating memories with my family with fun conversations, updating one another.

Unfortunately, we sometimes see our meal time as an extension of our work, doing homework, reading or getting updates on our social media. Minsan nawawala na yung sense of kwentuhan, pag uusap usap because of distractions. In all honesty, every time na kumakain kami sa labas andami kong nakikitang magkasama nga pero all eyes are glued on their gadgets.

Naalala ko dati nung bata ako at mga kapatid ko at dahil hindi uso ang gadgets we all eat together and have bonding moments with my family. Hanggang ngayon na instill sa memory ko yun. Now that we have our own lives na minsan napapag usapan namin kung paano kami nagspend ng time in our dining table.

Mommy Ginger and Zeeka showed us that dinner atmosphere is important. That instead of using gadgets or watching tv at meal times, let's be present and enjoy the moment of being with each other. Let's talk to each other, ask about each other's day and listen.

Kaya ngayon na I'm a mom myself, I want to preserve the traditional way. One of the fun ways before meal time is preparing dishes for the fambam. Pwede din syang maging bonding times with our kids. Kahit sa pag iisip ng meal hanggang sa pagluluto with Crispy Fry, it can be a bonding time, d ba?

Kaya kami ni hubby we always see to it that our meal time are spent with each other. Engaging more with one another. I hope families will also remember that bonding time is equal to long lasting memories that will last a lifetime.

Build connection with your family not on your wifi.

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