Wednesday, November 27, 2019


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it is mostly celebrated in Western countries. It is like an early noche buena of sorts where family and friends gather for dinner, usually with roast turkey as the table’s centerpiece and say what they are grateful and thankful for.

But Pinoys have been taking on the tradition more and more over the years. And we are known for celebrating the world’s longest Christmas season, an extra “-ber” month event is just inevitable. Besides, thanksgiving chooses no nationality or location, right?

Preparing a lavish dinner amid the Christmas rush, especially the traffic nowadays is a big challenge, not to mention finding time and date that suits the schedule of the special people in your life. So, I want to share this good news to you. Here's your chance to show how thankful you are to them.


You can do this hassle-free by going cashless, thanks to GCash. Woot! The mobile wallet has over 50,000 partner merchants, from restaurants and shoe stores to salons and artisanal shops—you’ll never run out of options.

Here are some GCash partner shops where you can get gifts and treats just to say a random “thank you” to your loved ones:

Mary Grace
Mary Grace is a favorite local restaurant among many Filipinos, what with its variety of delicious food and cozy ambiance. Most everybody who has ever dined at Mary Grace agrees that its ensaymada is a winner, especially when toasted. Why not bring your group of girlfriends on a special surprise lunch one Sunday? You can find Mary Grace in most major malls. It also has some stand-alone branches and even one at the Manila airport.

Keep it MNL
Keep it MNL is a local brand offering high-quality leather accessories, from passport holders, phone cases, and iPad keepers. Its products are perfect for family or friends who love travel. You may place orders via their pages on Instagram (@keepitmnl) and Facebook (

EGG (Exciting Gifts + Goodies)
With branches in major malls around the country, EGG is a go-to place for pretty gifts and giveaways, including bags big and small, pouches of various colors and designs, headbands and pins, and even home accessories such as mugs, plates and candle holders in unique designs. There’s plenty of options that would suit your loved ones’ varied tastes.

Bench Fix
The salon brand of clothing giant Bench, Bench Fix offers quality yet affordable hair and spa services in several locations across the country. I’d say it’s a great place to show your love to your mom and bring her in for a spa day as a way to say thank you.

Nene Prime Foods
Nene Prime Foods offers homemade bottled food products such as bangus in olive oil and all-natural Spanish sardines that are great giveaways for your colleagues. Its products can be an addition to your Christmas basket or a nice token on their own. Find them on Instagram (@neneprimefoods) or Facebook (

GCash is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

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