Friday, November 8, 2019


Christmas is just around the corner. Do you feel it? It's time to give thanks for the birth of our savior.  It's time to give back and reflect sa lahat ng blessings that we received this year. Time to buying gifts, packing presents, reunion with family and friends, gift-giving, and of course a visit from our inaanak.

We all have our ninongs and ninangs right? I still remember na lagi ko nilalapitan ang ninong ko pag reunion namin, pero bago kami umattend ng mga reunion. Pero madami akong ninong and ninang na hindi ko din nakikita. And nung bata ako kapag hindi ko sila nakikita wala din akong aguinaldo. Mas sad. Hehe.

But now that I have godchildren or inaanak of my own, I want to make sure na hindi sila ma-sa-sad kapag pasko especially it only comes once a year. So I will make it a point to send presents to my inaanak and make them happy during the season.

Malayo sa mga inaanak or walang time makipag meet? GCash is here to the rescue! GCash has been a huge help for me to accomplish this yearly mission. See, some of my friends’ families have moved to the provinces or cities like Cebu and Davao, thus my godchildren with them are far away.

But the mobile wallet has allowed me to still send my cash gift to them on their birthdays and other special occasions. Giving cash as a gift is much more practical to me. Mas makakapili sila ng bibilhin nilang gift, hindi makakadoble and baka may mas pag gagamitan pang mas importante. Nangyari kasi sa amin na binigay na gift kay Sofi is hindi kasya, huhu. Sayang. Ending nag additional gift si ninang ng cash. Kaya excellent option talaga ang GCash to send our gift because it gives them the freedom to get what they really want.

It has become a custom for me to send my cash gift through bank transfer via GCash. It’s convenient, easy and practical, given the distance. It also helps me avoid the Christmas rush; I won’t need to go to mall-based remittance centers amid holiday traffic or shop for clothes or toys to send to them.
I have told their parents—my friends—that this is how I prefer to send my inaanak my presents, and there’s no issue with them sending me their respective bank accounts for the purpose. Because let’s face it, at a certain age, these kids would rather have money for their own shopping than get a gift they wouldn’t really use or like. So cash gift is the way to go for this ninang.

All I do is to make sure I have enough funds in my GCash, tap on the Send Money to Bank Account option, enter the bank account number, then send. It’s so easy and convenient, and the service is completely free! And if you're kumare and kumpare has GCash account, you can transfer money and voila, marereceive din nila right away. They can use it with GCash merchant partners.

I can transfer via GCash anytime, anywhere, any day. And I can do this on Christmas day itself, as the feature has no holidays. My friends get my remittance on the day and can withdraw real-time! It’s a novel way of giving Christmas presents and, for a ninang from a distance, it’s safe, fast and hassle-free.

Don't forget to share our blessings! Happy Holidays!

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