Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Last month, we were invited by Baby Dove to do a Christmas photo shoot celebrating our baby's name. I said yes right away. Though it was a weekday kaya daddykins and Sofi were not available because of work and school. I'm glad Isha and I made it. 

As you all know, Isha is our unexpected blessing from God. Having been blessed with Sofi, I never thought that we will be having a second baby again after years of trying. God is really good. He really knows His timing, and it is always perfect. 

It was January 2016 when I prayed na if time for us to have another baby that year He will give it to us. Honestly kasi umaayaw na ako. Ok na ako na si Sofi lang. Pero I remembered praying that month. Sabi ko kay God if will nya pa din magkababy kami that year na kahit 10 years ang gap and despite of my age (turning 39 at that time) we will have no complications, no sicknesses and parehas kaming healthy. When we found out that I was pregnant ng February all of us were praying for a baby boy. We already have selected boy name na. Pagpipilian na lang. It never entered my mind to choose a girl name. Lol!

Nung ultrasound para malaman namin gender ni baby aba hindi ba naman nagpakita. Haha! So we thought..what if she's a girl pala? Lol! Kaya we talked to my tummy and told the baby that kung ano man ang gender nya he/she is loved and accepted. Lo and behold, on our 2nd ultrasound we found out she's a girl! So when we were choosing a name daddykins told me that he had listed one girl name in case. Haha! And the name is Elisha - a prophet and a miracle worker, may double portion din. We gave her a 2nd name, Faith - because through our faith and prayers nagkababy ulet kami.We shortened it to Isha para madali ni Isha sabihin.

Even if Elisha Faith is a girl, we know God has many plans for her. Lagi ko ngang sinasabi na Isha's timing is perfect. May malaking plano si God sa kanya. She really is our unexpected blessing. And oh, I gave birth without complications and hindi ako nagkasakit kahit once, not even cough and colds. God is good.

I believe baby's name should be meaningful and came from the parents heart. Dadalhin nya ang name na yan forever and it will be her identity. Kaya if you're looking for a baby name you should pray for it. Ask God to reveal it to you.

Super kilig with our mini photoshoot with Baby Dove and the personalized Baby Dove bottles. Thank you for letting us celebrate Isha's name. #BabyDovePH

Isha loves her personalized Baby Dove bottles because nothing beats personalized gifts. Super cool gift to your inaanak or pamangkin this Christmas. 

Celebrate a baby's name with a gift of personalized Baby Dove bottles that go beyond gentle and give superior moisturization for our little ones.

You can order them now at until December 6, 2019

Thank you again Baby Dove for this wonderful opportunity.

Happy Holidays!

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