Monday, December 2, 2019


I'll be honest with you, we sometimes struggle when it's brushing time with Isha. Why? A few months ago may pina-try ako sa kanyang toothpaste that I thought that she should be using na since toddler na sya. But I guess medyo minty sya for her taste and since then ayaw nyang mag tooth brush na. Huhu. She would cry, run, and struggle talaga to the point that I sometimes skipped it. Lol! I know, bad, right? Kaso umiiyak sya and she won't even open her mouth. Haha!

Thank God I discovered a new solution to make brushing time a fun time activity for Isha and I'm happy to report that we are doing well when it is time to brush teeth. Yaaay!

Now that Isha is 3 years old, and eats a lot, as a Mom, it is my responsibility to take care of her teeth by giving her toothpaste that will give her the right amount of fluoride and will keep cavities at bay. Of course malaking factor sa mga kids ang flavor ng toothpaste kaya naman I'm happy that Hapee Kiddie toothpaste has a variety of flavors that our toddlers can choose from. 

The struggle of brushing teeth for toddlers is very challenging.  But we need to break the habit of refusal lalo na that we need to teach them oral hygiene as early as possible. If your toddler refuses to brush their teeth maybe we need to pinpoint the problem. And with Isha's case it was due to too strong minty flavor for her, kaya naman ang saya ko lang when we discovered that Hapee toothpaste has a lot of flavors to choose from and still give Isha enough fluoride to take care of her teeth. Ngayon si Isha na ang nag aaya mag toothbrush. hehe.

Because there's a Frozen fever, it's Isha's fave variant of toothpaste.

Struggle no more! Making brushing time a happy time with Hapee!

Brushing time is now more exciting with Hapee Kiddie with its range of delicious flavors and colorful characters. If your kids love Frozen and Disney characters, you may choose from these variants.

All smile na si Isha. hahaha!

Kaya if you're struggling with brushing time, find ways to make brushing time an enjoyable one with your kids.

Hapee Kiddie toothpaste are available in all supermarkets nationwide.

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Jayceamul said...

Wow ang cute ni bebe isha..ang cute ng smile nagenjoy tlga xa sa pgttoothbrush..ang dming flavors na pgppilian..mlamang pagpnpili q mga junakis q ay disney characters ang ppiliin at cgrdong maeenjoy din nila ang pagttoothbrush..worry no more n..thanks for sharing momshie😊