Wednesday, January 22, 2020


One of my favorite bonding sesh with my girls - making desserts. When Nestle Cream sent us their newest product, Nestle All Purpose Cream budget pack, mango graham cake agad ang pumasok sa isip kong gawin. hehe! I know ripe mangoes are not yet in season pero nakabili pa din ako, papahinugin mo lang muna sya na mga ilang araw.

And I'm happy to know that Nestle All Purpose Cream is now available on a budget pack. Sakto lang sya and walang tago tago pa because we now have an option if we will only make a small dessert for the fambam. Minsan kasi ang hirap ng nagtatago pa ng left over. Either you'll forget about it or masisira lang sya, or mapipilitan kang gumawa ulet.

And the good news is, the budget pack is only Php35. Abot-kaya ng bulsa.

One of the easiest dessert to make is the mango graham cake.Very easy to find pa ang ingredients sa grocery or supermarket.

Simple lang ang ingredients ko since this is to satisfy lang our sweets craving:
  • Condensed milk
  • Graham crackers
  • Ripe mangoes
  • Nestle All Purpose Cream

Why do Filipino families love Nestle All Purpose Cream?

  • It is made with pure cow's milk fat
  • Super smooth. creamy. rich taste
  • Easy whip to give light and fluffy texture
And best of all, it's Php35 only. Yaaay!

Very easy to make kahit ang #TeamSofIsha kaya. I only instructed them on what to do.


They're so proud. Masarap daw! Hahaha! D na nakapag photo op si Isha para maunahan nya si ate Sofi. haha!

Na-balance ng Nestle All Purpose Cream ang sweetness kaya hindi ganon katamis. Perfect for people who are looking after their sugar level, and of course for kids din.

Will try to make the easy banoffee pie next. Will be sharing with you soon.

Nestle All Purpose Cream is now available at your nearest sari-sari stores, supermarkets and groceries nationwide.

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