Thursday, February 13, 2020


Because time is precious, we're always looking for ways to spend it wisely. I can still remember falling in line for hours just to pay the bill. With hundreds of us lining up with 2-3 tellers, it's such a waste to spend half of the day so you can meet your deadline in paying your bills.

But I'm happy to report that some companies are seeking assistance to make their customers have a more convenient way in paying their dues.

Leading fiber internet and data solutions company, Converge ICT inks their partnership with Pay & Go for easier payment schemes.

With more than 500 self-service Pay & Go payment kiosk, and some of them are operational for 24/7, Converge ICT customers can now pay their bill any time, any day. The machine accepts all types of Philippine paper money and it is convenient to use by following the simple instruction on the screen. Imagine, in just a few click, your Converge ICT bill is paid, and you saved time.

Since launching the country’s first pure end-to-end fiber internet network, Converge ICT has been offering Filipino consumers a speedier and more reliable internet connection. Last year, Converge ICT rolled out the country’s first 400Gbps backbone to augment existing domestic network capacity. As an extension of the company’s mantra to optimize customer experience, Converge ICT partnered with BTI. This endeavor intends to deliver an improved end-to-end customer experience that goes all the way to bills payment.

Innovative customer-centric programs as such has enabled Converge ICT to grow its base and allow more Filipinos to enjoy premium fiber internet experience. And for efforts such as this, the fiber internet organization has been cited by London-based International Finance Awards Group as the “Fastest Growing Fiber Internet Service Provider in the Philippines.”

“Converge ICT is about giving Filipino consumers the kind of connectivity that is simple, fast, and easy. As we grow our presence in the Philippines, we are turning to credible and capable partners who will help us deliver the kind of customer experience we promise. In terms of bills payment, Pay & Go has the expertise and nationwide presence that complement our goal of delivering that seamless experience,” said Dennis “J3” Uy, Converge ICT President & CEO.

“Our growing portfolio of kiosks is located nationwide and will be in more places relevant and synonymous to where paying customers are at. We want to seamlessly integrate it into their fast-paced lifestyles, making payments without a hassle – whether you are in the office, supermarket, pharmacy, mall or at home. As our service is real time, anytime – we ensure Converge transactions through Pay & Go will be no different from doing it at their stores or business offices,” said BTI Payments Country Head Dan Ibarra.

“We aim to support the growing Philippine market with decades of experience in payments solutions. We are looking forward to collaborate with Converge and BTI Payments PH to enhance processes that will provide better customer service,” said Peter Blackett General Manager, Strategic Development & Asia of BANKTECH, and Director of BTI Payments Philippines.

Pay & Go machine also accepts other payments such as Meralco, Maynilad, Manila Water and other utilities, telecommunications, transport and loans.

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