Friday, June 19, 2020


Father's Day is a once a year event where we show our love, our gratefulness for all their hard work, for providing for our needs, for being the head of the family, and for appreciating their efforts especially during this time. It's time to celebrate the man of the house and indulge with some delectable treats, mouth-watering Red Ribbon Tiramisu Meltdown Cake.

This situation is no different for our Red Ribbon dad ambassadors, Doug Kramer, Paul Soriano and Drew Arellano, who by their time spent indoors allowed them to cement their position as the steadfast pillars of their families, all while keeping a cheerful and cared-for household.

Doug Kramer has been spending much of his time as a parent recently, with him retiring from PBA November 2019, and his kids home-schooling for the past three years. “It’s such a pleasure being a dad to my three wonderful kids -- Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin. Nurturing them and watching them grow leaves me with a different kind of satisfaction as their father.” Sharing how he keeps the family optimistic despite the quarantine, Doug said that he involves his kids into doing household chores. “Cheska and I take turns in doing the dishes, while the kids are taught how to do gardening and fixing their rooms. This way, they will be equipped with the right life skills so that in the future, when they are on their own, they have with them the strength to survive any challenge,” added Doug.

To Paul Soriano, instilling a positive mindset within their family makes it easier for them to triumph over any challenge. When asked what he has done to brighten up the mood at home, he shares that it is mostly his son, Seve, who brings the true spirit of joy in all of them. “Seve has been great, he has a sense of what's going on but he loves the idea that we're home with him every day. We watch films together, read books, play games, and create activities that keep us entertained,” said Paul.

Keeping the family safe has also been Drew Arellano’s top priority, most especially with a third child on the way. “My wife is pregnant, so giving utmost importance to safety and sanitation became one of my biggest responsibilities. Aside from the usual protocols, we had to explain to our young kids what was happening in a manner appropriate for their age,” shared Drew. “But now that we already got into our groove and established a routine, we realize that there are also good things coming out of this quarantine—like exercising with my wife, watching Primo swim without floaters on, watching Leon make funny facial expressions, along with other things that we would not usually see happen under normal circumstances,” he added.

As proven by Red Ribbon’s dad endorsers, fathers deserve to be honored for all the strong and sweet efforts they have done for their families even during the toughest of times. Red Ribbon makes it easier to show appreciation and give tribute to our #SweetStrongDads with delectable cakes that can make any moment, whether together or apart, sweeter and more special.

Watch their special Father’s Day tribute video by clicking this link,

Choose from an impressive variety of cakes: from the delicious and personalizable Chocolate Dedication Cake, the delectable choco-coffee-creamy flavor of Tiramisu Meltdown, and to the milk chocolatey Triple Chocolate Roll Cake! No matter what you choose, there is always a perfect Red Ribbon treat fitting for any kind of dad. Indeed when you want to make it special, you make it Red Ribbon.

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