Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Neglect is more expensive than dentistry.- anonymous

Now that Isha is 3 years old, we're already teaching her the importance of dental health. Sabi nga nila, take care of your teeth and they will take care of you. Kaya as young as Isha, we're now showing her how to take care of her teeth, especially now na madami na syang kinakain.

Sa totoo lang, dental health is the least priority when it comes to looking after our hygiene. But sobrang importante ang pag ingat nito, because like in any parts of our body, our teeth is the opening, the grinder of any food we take. Paano mo nga naman makakain if we don't have teeth,d ba? Hehe!

And I'm happy to share with you that the number 1 oral care brand, Colgate, now has a a premium line for our baby's and kids. 

And as a mom, it's my responsibility to show Isha the importance of taking care of our hygiene seriously, especially our teeth. Buti na lang game na game si Isha when it comes to brushing time.

I know sa iba struggle ang pag brush ng teeth sa kanilang mga anak, kaya here are some tips that I've learned in my journey in brushing Isha's teeth:
  1. Before I start brushing Isha's teeth, I asked her about her day. Then I asked her anong kinain nya that day. 
  2. Will asked her to open her mouth tapos sabihin ko na I can see the food that she ate between her teeth. Kunwari kumain sya ng cereals, will tell her I can see the cereals. hehe.
  3. You should build a routine especially in the evening. Alam ni Isha na vitamins and brushing time should go together, and before she change into her sleeping clothes, nagawa na dapat nya ang vitamins and pag toothbrush
  4. Make sure to get a good tasting toothpaste. For us, it's a make or break ang flavor ng toothpaste. Haha! Kasi kapag ayaw ng anak mo ang lasa ng toothpaste ayaw na nya i-open mouth nya. Lol!
  5. After I brushed Isha's teeth, I allow Isha to brush her teeth by herself
Like I've mentioned, Isha is very particular sa flavor ng toothpaste kaya naman nakakatuwa na ang favorite toothpaste ng bayan, Colgate, has a new variant of toothpaste for baby's and kids.

They can now start and end their day with a healthy smile. Colgate now got our baby and kids' covered from 0-2 and 3-5 years old with their Colgate Baby and Colgate Kids Premium Line. Yaaay!

Here's what to love with Colgate 3-5 years old:
  • 0% artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, colors
  • has an appropriate age-level of fluoride
  • kid-friendly natural flavor

Here's what to love with Colgate 0-2 years old:
  • 0% artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, colors
  • It's fluoride free kaya safe to swallow
  • Baby-friendly natural flavor

And good news to moms with newborns. Colgate now has a toothbrush for 0-12 months, soft bristles perfect for teething babies.

Here's what to love with Colgate Baby Toothbrush:
  • BPA free and made out of 100% food-grade silicone
  • Soft and gentle bristles that help ease the pain of teething
  • A toothbrush feel to start them young

Remember: Don't rush when you brush.

You can now start building the habits of brushing experience with Colgate Baby and Colgate Kids Premium Line. Get yours now and let's grow up smiling together! Available in Shopee.

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